3D Bad For Children, Not Bad For Your Eyes

3D is an illusion, at least the 3D in a movie theater or home television is.  Whether you are looking at a TV, Movie screen, or 3D AutoSteroscopic display like on the Nintendo 3DS, the display is flat and the image isn’t really 3D herunterladen.

Illusions work because they trick your brain by presenting something to your brain that is wrong, and letting your brain figure out what to do with it, and betting your brain will get the wrong answer.  When you are an adult your brain has locked in many of the rules of the world.  Things fall down, fire burns, rain is wet, these rules are built in to the way your brain thinks, and as a result we don’t have to “think” about them.  If you are a child these rules are not as strict, and if something falls up, or water isn’t wet it is not a big deal, you just accept it and move on.  This open mind makes children incredibly faster learners, is the innocence of youth, and is great for a lot of things, but just like the child who hangs on to a fairytale too long, there can be consequences later on video von internet downloaden.

3D that works on these illusions, and the brains ability to make sense of wrong information creates problems for children, and the more of the illusion they experience the more their brain expects that to be what is expected.  Many games, and movies extend the the “Z-depth” to make the 3D more dramatic.  As adults this makes the images seem Hyper-Real, like a High Dynamic Range images.  As a child this instead sets the expectation in the mind that this is how reality works din kostenlos herunterladen.

This is especially pronounced in the home video products.  The 3D camcorders on the market right now have no ability to adjust the convergence of the two lenses being used.  As a result everything is shot as though the eyes are pointed straight forward.  Unless you are staring at the Moon this it not likely to ever happen in the real world.  Combine this with the lenses being very close to each other, and you have a recipe for training the brain and eyes to look at the world the wrong way logo online erstellen und kostenlosen.3D Bad For Children, Not Bad For Your Eyes

This is the big risk for kids.  Teaching the muscles that control the eye, to look at the world with out the Pythagorean math that happens automatically in our brain to compute how far away an object is, risks kids not developing the hand eye co-ordination necessary for advanced tasks youtubers life kostenlosen. When we look at a 2D image we get most of our sense of depth from the size of the object.  Watching a lot of 2D TV and playing 2D video games actually strengthens the ability of the mind to determine depth from size cues and perspective alone.  In the real world the brain uses the amount of cross-eyed-ness that your eyes need to make an object align in both images to compute distance.  In 3D movies only the object that the cinematographer aligned the camera for is at the correct virtual depth.  All of the other objects are “fixed” and so as your eyes dart from object to object in the scene, if you are looking at the rest of the image the convergence will be wrong windows 10 disk image.

It is possible that playing 3D Tetris type games that have different rules for gravity and geometry have less impact on developing minds.  These kinds of puzzles are less immersive, don’t follow many of the rules of the real world, and therefore are easier for the mind to distinguish from reality.  Movies, First Person Shooters, and other near real images however create a level of immersion that with the help of 3D  can change a child’s perception of reality herunterladen.

For all of these reasons it is not a good idea for anyone under 16 to spend more than 2-3 hours a week playing games in 3D or watching 3D Movies.  Basically as long as you are still growing you are at risk for disrupting your ability to accurately judge depths from the hints the brain typically uses for depth perception herunterladen.

As to 3D being bad for your eyes, this is not usually the case.  “Ghosting” or “Bleed Through” which is caused by the image from one eye being viewable by the other, can certainly cause eye strain, but well done video presented on a properly calibrated monitor with the right glasses shouldn’t be creating eye strain itunes mp3.