CDN In A Box: How Page Speed Changes Your Web Metrics has never been a slow site.  I have worked hard to make sure of that, but WordPress and PHP are a bit slow just by their nature.  So I recently put CDN In A Box in between my WordPress install and you the users.  The Result was that pages went from about 3 seconds to load to averaging about 1.4 seconds to load din normen downloaden.

1.6 seconds doesn’t seem like much, but it did some pretty amazing things to my user metrics.

Time On Site went from 36 seconds on average to 68 seconds herunterladen.

Page Views Per User went from 1.6 to 2.7.

Ad Click Through Rates went from 3.6% to 5.3%

So let me lay it out for you like this.

I get 69% more page views, and 47% more clicks on those page views.  That translates to 148% more money.  Really.  1.6 seconds equals that much difference in revenue lizenzfreie fotos herunterladen.

So what about even slower sites.   I have other sites in my network of content, so I took my slowest one, which averaged 7 seconds to load.  Put CDN In A Box in front of it, the time to load fell to an average of 2.8 seconds herunterladen. I waited and watched.  Overnight I went from 1.15 Page Views Per User to 1.62 and my time on site went from 26 seconds to 48.  Ad Click Through went from .8% to 1.4%  that is some serious movement herunterladen.

Why is this?  More than anything it seems to be bounce rate, especially for people arriving via search.  While 7 seconds is how long it takes on a fast connection, someone with a slow connection will also have that time doubled.  Imagine waiting 14 seconds for a page to load herunterladen. Most of us who are webmasters don’t see this often because we have blazing connections, so we think a 7 second page load is slow, but if you have lots of files and lots of latency between the start of the request and the start of the transmission dial-up, and DSL users can get left waiting for closer to 20 seconds play free-bubble shooter.

DSL and Dial up users seem to be the best at clicking ads.  I don’t now why this is, but it seems to be the case.

The Google Bots like the change as well.  The number of indexed pages on the site went up by 20% and that resulted in more traffic as well.  Not a full 20% but significantly more, as a result of just having more pages to rank for more terms.  It is hard to tell if this is the result of the increase in speed, or being on Google Infrastructure, so I’m not including it in the lift from the speed increases the elder scrolls online kostenlos downloaden.

Not every site experienced the same benefits in exactly the same way, but every site I have accelerated has seen improvements, generally in the 25% range for number of page views, and 70% in ad revenue from CPC how to download movies.

CDN In A Box: How Page Speed Changes Your Web Metrics



These are pretty significant results, and make a HUGE difference in the profitability of my sites clips von webseitenen.