: Boring URL, but Will Knock Of Top Hit

Continuing on my trend of writing about Google, owning search terms simply by being Google, I predict that when launches that it will unseat which is the current top hit for “Offers” icomania herunterladen.

Adwords reports that there are only 12,100 monthly searches for “offers” currently, and Google would have been better to choose “Coupons” or “deals for their new service.  Coupons receives 368,000 monthly searches, and Deals receives 90,500 monthly searches kostenlose bilder Boring URL, but Will Knock Of Top Hit has already started to reach out to popular businesses that bought in to Google’s Paid placement and “Tag” sponsored links program toy blast kostenlos herunterladen.

In my view this is likely to be part of the downfall of the early launch.  the Flat $25 fee for Google Tags, is a bad deal for almost every business.  When I looked at most of my client’s Tag Statistics they received less than 1000 impressions a month, and the $25 fee would have been better spent on SEM herunterladen.

If Google is working with these same customers it is not getting strong business savvy retailers, it is getting mom and pops enamored with the fact that Google contacted them.  This will likely mean that the advertisers are not prepared for the volume of customers that will be generated at the launch of the Google offers service herunterladen.

I think Google will eventually get it right, and likely be able to make it fairly self service, but my experience with Google Places, and Google Adwords has been such that I think there will be less exciting offers than Groupon, and more spectacular failures more often, than Group On has experienced ds audio lieder herunterladen.