Google Search Engine Spam And Content Farms

Matt Cutts published a blog addressing some of the claims I made in one of my recent posts about how Google favors sites it has a relationship with minecraft maps kostenlos herunterladen.

While I see some good news in Matt’s claims that Google will cut back on content farms, auto-posters, and scrapers, I don’t believe it.  Not because I don’t think Matt is well intentioned, I just think he has had too much of the Google Kool-aid to actually see the forest through the trees iphone alle mails herunterladen.

Let’s start with what a content farm is.  In the strictest sense it is a site that churns content with the least amount of effort possible in order to get the most traffic for the least work.  At the pinnacle of this model is that is in Mahalo’s own words “a human-powered search engine dedicated to help people easily find information and resources they can trust.” uses stub pages generated by computers and then a human can tweak which modules are on the page, or add additional text.  This is by definition a content farm.  Made worse is that because Mahalo often uses non-onsite employees to manage their content, often the people managing these pages just hand scrape content from other places.  I have sent Mahalo several nastigrams on behalf of client’s because of this practice.  Mahalo isn’t just a content farm, they also believe they “Curate” content.  Taking content off the web and giving it additional context.  To me this is the type of result Google most needs to remove.  People who just add 100 words to a YouTube video, or paste for paragraphs from 3 Wikipedia pages herunterladen.

The next step up on the content farm ladder is Demand Media.  Demand media definitely farms content, but they do at least author the content themselves.  They just often outsource the content to writers who don’t know what they are writing about, so the content is less than perfect.  Better than the blogs that simply outsource to India (I did that for a while with disastrous results).  When Demand Media (DMD) outsources content creation they often get things 75% right, and this is really hard for a search engine to week out.  Demand Media uses tools similar to my BlackWaterOps Copy Writing tool which tells them what words to include in their post.  This is great for SEO, but if the author doesn’t understand a term they can generate a perfectly SEO’ed piece of content that is entirely worthless to the reader.  If the post has a good title, it will have a good click-through in search, and still won’t answer the question the user was asking moodle teilnehmerliste herunterladen.

Google has tried to use several metrics to detect these issues.  Click through rate in search, time on site, and presence of the expected keywords around the searched term in the content.   This has helped with the really spammy content, but it has made the problem of content farms that don’t actually provide an answer worse.  In the case of a poorly written knitting guide you can hit every one of these metrics and spend 20 minutes fighting through an article before realizing it sucks.  Google can’t tell this from a great article that solves your problem in 3 minutes, in fact by its metrics the poorly written article is probably better herunterladen.

If Matt really can weed out the Demand Media’s and Mahalo’s that aren’t as commercial or as established that would be good.  Along the way there will likely be some fall out from the Howcast’s and Mahalo’s and Quora’s of the world as well mapsource herunterladen. (yes, I used Mahalo twice).

As Google starts to remove “Curated” content the economics for most content farms will start to change.  This will put a lot of them out of business which will likely kill off their growth, but every time Google prunes one the others pick up some market share, so Google really needs to do this in a huge move all at once, so that those profiting from this kind of content creation don’t just see shifts from one of their domains to another, with out losing revenue or market share gratis musik downloaden von youtube.

Google Search Engine Spam And Content Farms

Oh, and since Matt mentioned AdSense doesn’t help again… musik herunterladen kostenpflichtig. Has anyone ever seen an ad block like Mahalo has on its site?   What dimensions are those ads? I don’t have the option to make my ads look like that.  Really, that kind of special relationship isn’t part of the reason Mahalo the human powered search engine, and self proclaimed content farm ranks so well bowling spiele kostenlos herunterladen?