Just CRM: Social CRM Is A Stupid Term And Despite The Social Dynamics I Refuse To Use It

Customer Relationship Management is built around staying in touch with your customers through their lifecycle.  CRM has always been one of the most social aspects of business, but you no more need to tack “Social” on the front of it, than you needed to tack “Mobile” on it when you started to add Cellphones to the way you managed your customer relationships herunterladen.

Social is just a way for idiots to charge more than they are worth, because they have more friends than brains.  Adding a field to your CRM to say “Twitter” or “Facebook” is about the extent of the changes you need to make to your CRM platform to be ready for CRM in the “Social Age”.  You aren’t likely going to solve anyone’s problem via twitter, or close a sale.  This might be a point of first contact, but it is not how you are going to manage the relationship origin spiel downloaden.

Be Social, and be part of social networks, but understand that these new mediums are just variations on old mediums.  A user who was a referral from a friend is still a referral, it just happens that instead of a business card you get passed a tweet and a follow.  Instead of emailing a VCF you share a connection on LinkedIn herunterladen.

CRM is the all encompassing management of relationships with customers.  Sorry Twitter and Facebook Gurus, that hasn’t changed, and the idiots that try and tell you it has, are selling something, and they are sucking at it because they don’t have Microsoft Dynamics or SalesForce.com to track it every step of the way, and 90% of them have never used either project, because they are happy, touchy feely networkers who missed the Amway boat, and now value their worth based on their follower count canon toolbox herunterladen.

Through out the course of today several Social Guru’s tried to convince me there was a difference, and some sited “Graham Hill’s Manifesto for Social Business”.  (which is such schlock I refuse to link to it) I have never read such a document of non-content in my life. 

“The emphasis for business today is still on managing customers as individuals ps4 update 6.72 not possible. But we have evolved as social animals with highly developed and highly influential social networks”

Really?  When was the last time a social network bought a car programm um musik zu downloaden kostenlos? Or a software package? or SEO Consulting? or even a Pack of gum?  If you are Zynga, or a Facebook App, maybe a social network uses your product, anything short of that and you work with individuals.  Those individuals might be part of demographics, or geographics, or even technographics, but you still manage them as individuals gzsz downloaden.

“Most companies still make a limited range of products and then try and find willing buyers. Many companies have gone beyond this simple model by bundling a range of complementary products, information and services star stable horse herunterladen. But as anyone looking for a new mobile telecom plan knows, the bundles never give you exactly what you want without bankrupting you in the process.”

What part of that is a Social directive?  And again blanket stupidity how to download youtube songs. 90% of businesses don’t sell customization.  You don’t tweak your product for individuals unless that is your business.  Gum, Condoms, and Operating Systems all come in about 6 flavors, take them or leave them kann man bei amazon videos downloaden.

Every comment all day was stupid. I am dumber for having had the conversation, and usually I learn something from talking with even the most idiotic of people, but not today.  Anyone who pitches Social CRM should have a ball gag put in their mouth just to prevent the room from losing IQ points.