Klout Isn’t Even A Good Barometer, Let Alone A Litmus Test

Kelly over at Lockergnome explains the problem with Klout as a measure of influence.  She nailed it.  Klout is too easily gamed by those who want it to matter, and as a result it doesn’t work for the people you might actually care to engage to do your social media Pastewka ringtone free download.

I for example have a Klout of 33 right now.  I have about 1,000 followers on twitter, and haven’t shared my data on Facebook with Klout so it doesn’t count that.  My followers are real people.  I haven’t used follow bots, I haven’t purchased followers, and as a result they are more valuable than most people’s followers.  I also have bigger names in my following than most people with only 1000 Followers, this is because for me, Twitter is mostly a Chat room that is up while I work to see what my real life friends in the industry are doing, not a method for spamming people herunterladen.

For an advertiser, I’m not generally appealing, but if I say “audience this is the greatest thing ever” I move product, if it is something related to enterprise technology.  Klout can’t see that however youtube videos herunterladen software.

Chris Pirillo over at Lockergnome has a Klout of 81.  Chris has 91x as many followers as me.  He can post a link and 500 people will show up in 5 minutes.  If he tells his audience about a game, a video, or a website they will buy, see, or visit it.  If he tells them to buy a car, or a website technology, well that’s not the market most of them are in, so they won’t musiken amazon. Klout can’t see that either.

What Klout can’t see is the impact a Social Media person has, it can only see how many impressions they garner.  And that isn’t “Clout” that’s reach.  Think of it like this… If Britney Spears told you to buy a Great Plains Accounting Software, would you?  No.  If Robert Scoble told you to, would you kalender desktop kostenlosen? Maybe.  Conversely if Britney told you Ambien is the best sleep aid, you’d buy it, and if Robert Scoble told you it was… well Robert can sleep through anything so it’s hard to tell if you’d believe it atmel studio 7 herunterladen.

One of my favorite new Twitter Personalities is Ty Moss of @tysiphonehelp.  Ty has done nothing to game the system, he is a great guy, and his audience is hardcore iPhone Fans.  If he tells his audience to try an app, he can push the numbers more than just about anyone short of iJustine.  But he only has a score of 61, because he isn’t on enough lists.  Ty is an under 20 year old social media genius (he may not know it) but he has built a social network that is more monetizable than Robert Scoble’s amazing grace kostenlos herunterladen. Yes, really.  But Klout again can’t see that, because it only looks at reach, not the ability to enable action in the audience.image

The point is that Klout doesn’t know who is gaming it, who bought followers, and who just has really great retreat bots following them… You can run your Klout up 4 points just by using Communist and Windows in the same tweet and watching the RT Bots echo you for 6 hours.  Bit.Ly could track clicks from shortened links and combined with the information that Klout has make an alright tool, but it wouldn’t track me, since most the time I use my own w34.us web shortner, and Tech Crunch has theirs, and Jason Calacanis has his, all the cool kids with real clout don’t do the things that make us easy to track, we are too busy making money and using our real clout to do real business.  Not trying to game our Web 2.0 Klout, to fleece botique PR Firms that don’t understand social media out of a few grand so we can pay our rent in an Idaho Trailer park nacon revolution unlimited profile herunterladen.

All of this doesn’t even come in to the picture when you also consider the power of the website audience that these personalities might bring.  A post from me is worth more than a link from iJustine in terms of chances it will be seen in search results, and a post from iJustine is worth more if you need 1000 people to show up for a launch event in a week.  Klout can’t even tell you which of us gets more traffic, let alone how many people tweet about our content.  Maybe I write really great stuff, and it gets tweeted by my readers, but I don’t get @’ed when it happens download cat videos for free.

For me Klout is so broken, that it isn’t even like an Alexa rank.  Alexa rank can be wrong by 30%, but if you say, we only work with sites in the top 100k Alexa, you have a solid bar that you can use to say, Yeah they are real.  If you say we don’t deal with anyone with less than a 70 Klout score… well you miss out on people like Ty, Pop17, and KellyHClay.  Well and me, but you can’t probably afford to by tweets from me to begin with painten mac.