Oracle Says Email Is Dead, Banks On Social Media: Because Database Guys Have Lots Of Social Skills

Oracle thinks that email is dead.  They talk about how if you have a list of 75k people only a few of them will take action on that email.  What the Frak Oracle gratis musik downloaden von youtube? How many businesses have 75k social media friends?  You can buy huge lists of even loosely targeted emails, but you can’t really buy 100k followers tomorrow.  And the idea that your email blast wastes the user’s time, well you think your spam tweets don’t waste time?  Or your spammy facebook post? 

You can’t engage 100k social media users, you’d go broke.  If you want to engage in social media, do so, but if you want to reach millions, you are going to either have to spam, or use a mass media musik herunterladen kostenpflichtig. Social Media is not a replacement, it is just another tool of the trade. 

Here is the complete waste of a press release from Oracle.

>>>> Here is the release from Oracle<<<<<

‘The money is in the list’ has been the catch-cry of internet marketing aficionados for years bowling spiele kostenlos herunterladen. Research now shows, however, that consumers are shunning marketing overtures in their inboxes, in favor of online social networking.

Whole businesses and internet marketing coaching programs have been constructed around email marketing, and how to build and market to an email list icomania herunterladen. It is hardly surprising therefore that even the hint of a strategy, likes ocial media marketing, that does away with the email approach would be keenly debated kostenlose bilder herunterladen.

There can be no argument that those online businesses who have over the years built databases of loyal, responsive, buying clients have a priceless resource toy blast kostenlos herunterladen. However, according to digital marketing company, Oracle Digital, email marketing as a strategy for fledgling online businesses is a waste of time and money herunterladen.

Instead, they should be embracing the social media platforms that will deliver them niche-targeted prospects – without the need for inbox-invading sales pitches herunterladen.

Last week, in a controversial post on its website, Oracle Digital proclaimed ‘Email Marketing Is Dead!’, resulting in a very heated, sometimes emotional, debate within the digital marketing community ds audio lieder herunterladen.

“Small to medium business owners worldwide should be dumping their email marketing and listing building attempts and instead focus on social media strategies” maintains James Corby, Oracle Digital’s Head of Business Development word rechtschreibprüfung herunterladen.

The Continuing Decline of Email Marketing

Corby uses a marketing Email Marketing Benchmark Report to reinforce his point. It states that the average open rate of emails in the USA dropped to 11.2% in the second half of 2009, continuing a falling trend. From this 11.2%, it estimated that a mere 1.6% take the desired action and convert to a click-through to your website or alternative call to action.

The poor email open and click-through rates are due to a number of factors, including image blocking and list fatigue, but the Oracle Digital team believes the real reason is that we have entered ‘the era of social advocacy’.

Why Social Media?

Today’s businesses need to realize that their prospects are shunning biased product ‘reviews’ clogging their inboxes. Consumers do, however, want to hear what their contemporaries are saying about products and services on the social media platforms on which they engage, most notably facebook. They will ask for recommendations and have responses reinforced by interaction with the Fs: family, friends and facebook buddies.

facebook alone has over 500 million members and at times is growing at a rate of 700,000 members a day. The 35-55 year old age group is the site’s fastest growing demographic: business owners, income earning consumers, Gen Xers, and cashed up baby boomers.

The social media formula is dynamic:

  • post a product release or promotion to your facebook fan page
  • your advocates comment and share your post with their friends, who comment and share with their friends.

One post, followed by personal recommendations – no emails – and a potential reach far greater than any email message could achieve.

“Social proof such as this is the most powerful marketing tool in the world today, and it cannot be bought.” says Corby “Email marketing now exists on life-support, and it won’t be long before the final switch is flicked.”

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