Google Favors AdSense And Google Services: Google Not Quite As Unbiased As Matt Cutts Told The FTC

Matt Cutts Recently presented an 89 slide deck to the Federal Trade Commission entitled “Search Integrity”.  Well Google doesn’t have quite as much of that as Matt would say they do, and a big part of why is a fundamental part of the search algorithm herunterladen.

A quick refresher on the basics of SEO. Sites with high authority pass that authority to sites with less authority, and as you move further from the source of authority, the more inlinks you need herunterladen.

The highest authority sites on the Internet,,, USA.Gov,,,,,,,,,,,

This is the list of “PR10 sites”.  Because is on it’s own list it always favors Google Services pretty heavily.  

This is very easy to see by picking words to search that Google has services to Match.  “Voice” for example returns as the top hit, even though there are only about 3000 inlinks to the service on the web, compared to nearly a half million for which is the next result in search itunes mp3.

That example doesn’t win you over in belief? Try “Apps”.  There is no doubt in my mind that that term should be owned by Apple in search at the moment gratis ebook downloaden (I decline to comment on the Microsoft Apple feud over if App Store is trademarkable) but there is no doubt that none of the people searching for “Apps” were hoping to get as a result.  More over 4 of the results on the first page are Google’s, even though the “related Search” are 50% Apple, 12% MySpace, 0% Google macos herunterladen.

Now to be fair, Cutts only testified that you can’t pay Google to have your search rank adjusted.  If you are Google, it isn’t like you cut an internal PO and transfer money to the search team to get your rank.  But to say that you can’t “pay” Google to get your rank up, that’s not exactly true either herunterladen.

When I was at “AdSense in your town,” I had conversations with large sites that were doing less than “Kosher” things with buying links, and doing things that would get smaller organizations delisted, they straight up told me that they could do that because their AdSense Rep would take care of it, if they got a search penalty.  In fact while I was at the event they helped more than one site file a reconsideration request to have penalties removed ets4 downloaden.

Technically this is Google paying the people ranking, but it goes both ways.  Often these sites that are getting preferential treatment in Google results because of their AdSense relationship, then are encouraged to use Google as their onsite search.  Which then does result in the partners kicking traffic over to Google.  But it is in Google’s interest to have AdSense sites, (like this one) rank in search.  If Google points you at my site they get about 50% of the ad spend against my content.  If they point to a site that runs Chitika, or Microsoft PubCenter, they get 0% of the ad spend against that content herunterladen.

I would say that while you can’t simply call Google up and say, I’ll give you a Million dollars make me the top hit for “Real Estate”.  You certainly can foster a relationship with Google that benefits you both monetarily, and does give you preferential treatment in Google search results deckblatt zum herunterladen.


Matt responded on Twitter that “Apps” proved nothing.

How about:

“Scholar”  – (Google is 1 and 2)

“Video” – ( then, then Youtube) 

“Mail” – then, then Yahoo Mail

“docs” – (Google is 1 and 2 )









“Listen” (Google is number 2 not Number 1)


“sets” (Google is number 2 not Number 1)

“in quotes” (Google is number 2 not Number 1)