There Are No Rules for Blog Fights, Good Bloggers Don’t Fight: Michael Arrington, Robert Scoble Is Twice The Man You Are

Michael Arrington is an Ass.  I’ve known this for years.  Even the people who count Michael as a friend will tell you “Michael’s a really smart guy, great connections but he’s an ass”.  Worse he’s an ass for the sake of being an ass herunterladen.

Michael is ripping in to AOL properties way of doing things left, and right, mostly Engadget, which is a much more profitable portion of AOL’s holdings than TechCrunch, even if it is too low brow for the likes of Arrington harry potter games for free.

Normally I wouldn’t report, or get too worked up about Arrington picking a fight with a sister property, the sissy fights that make up drama in the blog community mostly just annoy me, but Arrington took a swing at random people in the crowd and made a jab at Robert Scoble, and that’s just uncool folder from google drive ipad.

I’m not a Scoble worshipper by any sense, but Scoble’s a good guy, and a friend.  He has a cult following that I’m jealous of, and I think from his comments so is Arrington.  Arrington said “Don’t engage in French-style military strategy by going half way and then surrendering foliendesign powerpoint download kostenlos. Robert Scoble does this all the time. He picks a fight and then he backs off completely when he takes return fire. If he didn’t feel strongly enough about the issue to begin with, there was no reason to jump in.”  Well you know what Arrington, Robert is twice the blogger you are because he believes in hearing the discussion and enjoying the discussion, for the sake of discussion, he doesn’t have to win to enjoy the debate.  That is what makes Robert a community leader, a thought leader, and You, Michael, an ass unitymedia wifispot zertifikat herunterladen.

Every once in a while I have to dust it off, and pull out my “Blogs as a Front Porch” article.  This is one of those times.  Written in 2004 in response to “Conversations with Dina” to me this is what it means to be a blogger. 

Who is the face of your company cooking fever to download? There was a time when we could identify the CEO and founder of many of the products we use, or could personally identify with a spokesperson for the company spiele herunterladen ohne app store. Be that Steve Jobs, or Morris the Cat, we had a tangible if irrational image of that spokesperson being the embodiment of that company.

Part of why Microsoft is viewed as cold and unfeeling, is because we view Bill Gates that way ps4 download not possible data are defective. Right or wrong we have this vision of entire companies being one person. Blogging lets you have employees be spokes people. They become approachable, visible, and hopefully likable download programm kostenlos. You can stand back and watch Robert Scoble figuring things out, you see the wheels turning and then the lights go on in his head as he realizes why Xbox Live is more than just a kids toy, you can feel his excitement as he tries to convey to his audience a concept that he gets but doesn’t know how to put in to words paint the town red kostenlos spielen ohne. But what you really get is this face for Microsoft that is not Gates or Ballmer, but rather someone more like you, that you can approach, that you can relate to.

Blogging to the outside is about building relationships. You don’t have to turn every reader in to a dyed in the wool customer, but you turn them in to some one who is willing to consider your company when they go to spend their hard earned money. You build loyalty, and you show that you do care about the feedback you get. Blogging is like sitting on your front porch and waving to your neighbors as they walk by. You don’t have to have a great dialog with each of them, but they will remember who you are and think of you when they need something, or be there to help out when they can.

Blogging to the inside is about building relationships, but it is also about perpetuating dialog. A blog lets you put your idea out for everyone to see. It is like the ultimate suggestion box. And because blogging happens on neutral ground no one has to take offense to contradictory ideas. You can say this is what I feel we need to be doing, and if some one else says, this is what we should be doing instead, the discussion can be about the ideas not the people. You don’t get that level playing field in a conference room where you worry about rank, or department, or even if you like the other person. Blogs are like coming home after work, sitting down on the front porch and having a beer with your co-workers.

Blogs are just a front porch.

There aren’t rules for blog fights Michael.  Because those of us who are civilized people, the true bloggers, that have done this for years out of the love of the discussion, aren’t fighters who play dirty, we are intellectuals who hope that what we say resonates with people of like mind, and that by being available to talk, some people who didn’t agree with us will come over talk about things, maybe we’ll change each others minds, but we’ll enjoy the lemonade on the porch, or the conversation by the fire pit.