Vid.Ly vs. Solving Problems You Don’t Have And Robbing You Of Opportunity

Vid.Ly is a new service from  It is essentially the same thing set out to be years ago.  Upload once encode many.  But it would seem it is a solution with out a need.  With the exception of the iPhone/iPad everything plays about 9 variations of the flash codec, and if you use YouTube, unless you don’t have any viewers you get some obscene number of encodes of your content for every phone, set top box, and web format imaginable roger whittaker kostenlosen.

YouTube has even switched it’s embed code to use an iframe so that it can detect your user agent and provide a player that works with your device. might make sense if for some reason you didn’t want ads to run with your content, but I don’t expect the service to remain ad free.  So you will either pay YouTube to not run ads, or you will pay to not run ads, either way the cost of hosting will come from somewhere app wo man alles kostenlos herunterladen kann.

Christina Warren (@film_girl ) argues that might make sense for commercial content that might not fit YouTube.  I don’t know what this would be since you can now upload hour long content to YouTube, and you can either pay to not have ads, or make the content Pay Per View, or even make the content not show up in search and listing.  Basically YouTube has made about as ideal a video hosting solution as you could imagine os x el capitanen.Vid.Ly vs Solving Problems You Don’t Have And Robbing You Of Opportunity

Several years ago I made the mistake of not betting on YouTube.  I went with a bunch of other places for hosting my content and when those places all went out of business I had to track down hundreds of places that my content was embedded and linked to and replace that content.  Plus I didn’t build the reputation with Google/YouTube that I should have so I didn’t get the views and audience, (or the money) I would have if I had started on YouTube herunterladen.

For this reason I won’t host anything I care about on anything that isn’t established and likely to be around for years to come.

If you need to save 6 characters in your short URL… might win for that, for a while.  But other wise is a great short URL for video, and YouTube offers the widest range of platform support on the market, at the lowest price for hosting Download pictures with sayings for free. Plus, again I trust YouTube to be around for a while, and I don’t trust that will keep for the next 10 years.