How to Speed Up a Steam Download, And Get Your Games Faster

Steam Game Downloads are horribly slow by default.  In most cases I can wait for the GameStop to open the next morning and it would be faster than buying a game on Steam via Download starting at 10pm.  Thankfully there are a few settings that can make this a little better panasonic lumix fotos herunterladen.

When you open Steam there is a menu at the top of the screen that says “Steam View Friends Games Help”  select “Steam” then select “Settings” then click on the “Downloads + Cloud” tab invitation cards for free.

No matter what your connection, choose “Cable/Fiber > 10M”How to Speed Up a Steam Download, And Get Your Games Faster

Then select the region nearest you.  This will significantly increase the speed of your downloads.  In my case it increased the download speed from 64KB/S about 500kbps to 124KB/s so not quite double, but close.  For more popular games it seems this can make an even larger impact on the download speed, with users reporting up to a 5x increase in speed. 

There are several “Internet Accelerators” that claim to speed up Steam Downloads, I couldn’t find anything that made an ounce of difference.  There is also a rumor that if you pause and resume a download multiple times that you can get a better speed.  This didn’t work for me, but I can’t prove it doesn’t work for some youtube ausschnitt downloaden.

Other users suggested trying several other servers, as they believed that popular servers were sometimes slower than less popular servers.  This is believable, but again my Steam Download didn’t see any benefit from changing to another server indesign testversion herunterladen.

Steam does have the advantage you don’t have to keep track of shiny discs, or software keys, but I have not really been impressed with the delivery time.  9 hours to deliver a 9 gig game is only faster than going to the store if you live in the middle of no where, or you want something 5 minutes after the store closes chrome download deutsch kostenlos.