Google Blocks Access to AdSense Reporting From IE9

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If you are a publisher like me, but want to move to IE9, you will still have to keep Firefox, or Chrome around to check on your AdSense.  Visiting the AdSense page results in an error apologizing for the inconvenience, but not identifying the issue as being because of your user agent huawei cloud images.

Making a quick swap of my user agent let me in to the site with no rendering issues, or problems. 

Google Blocks Access to Adsense Reporting From IE9

I’m sure Google will say this is because IE9 is not “Final” but they don’t block Firefox 4 beta, nor do they block Chromium nightly builds.  It seems they only block Internet Explorer 9.  I was even able to check my AdSense from several random “weird” browsers such as Dolphin, Opera Beta, Opera Mobile, SeaMonkey, and only IE was blocked gratis musik zum downloaden.

This strikes me as foul play.