Demonstrates The Power Of Google App Engine

Google’s Art Project brings together artwork from many different museums around the world.  A unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums the ArtProject enables people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail herunterladen. Users are able to virtually move around the museum’s galleries, selecting works of art that interest them, and navigate though interactive floor plans server zertifikat herunterladen. is a great website on it’s own, but even more impressive is that it is a technology demo for Google’s cloud hosting solution, Google App Engine.  I have always been fond of companies that “dog food” their own products, and I think this is an amazing example of Google doing this filme von kinox downloaden android.

In creating this project Google originally used it’s master slave datastore system, and then determined that it didn’t like that during maintenance it would have to operate in “read only” mode, so it converted the App to run in High Replication mode.  In doing so it gained valuable insight into the performance impact of the switch. Demonstrates The Power Of Google App Engine

While the changes to the code were minor, the impact on performance was quite large in the opinion of most of the developers following the AppEngine Blog.  Google reported that in exchange for the ability to have 100% functional uptime (some functionality would be otherwise limited during maintenance) that it went from 256ms latency for “Collections” requests to 400ms.  Having a request take over 50% longer in trade for the small window of increased functionality seems steep.  While 144ms seems a small change in the world of most websites, it is a big number for Google itunes download all titles.

So how much more uptime do you get?  App Engine’s master/slave datastore is scheduled for 1 hour in the next month, February 7th, 2011 from 5pm – 6pm PST.  That isn’t very long of a window Motorbike game pc free.