IE9 Is A Modern Browser, But It’s More Tank, Than iPhone

The NLOS-C From BAE Systems is the most sophisticated Mobile Cannon in the world. With tank treads for mobility, and the ability to communicate with satellites, ground crew, and aircraft, it can operate in an unmanned mode and pick off targets with deadly accuracy  up to 30 kilometers away summer pictures for free.image

The iPhone contains a SIMD high performance integer CPU with an eight-stage pipeline, capable of 675 Dhrystones/sec and 2.1 MIPS, contains multiple sensors, touchscreen, and an array of antennas for communication over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular networks hardware drivers downloaden.

Both of these are modern devices.

Mozilla recently commented that IE9 Is not a modern browser because of a list of features it is missing sounds gratis herunterladen.

I want you to look closely at the list and think to your self which of these things are really browser related, and which are not.

  • Application Cache (offline)
  • Web Workers (threads in JavaScript)
  • HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors)
  • JavaScript Strict Mode
  • ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG)
  • SMIL Animations (SVG animations)
  • File API
  • WebGL (3D)
  • CSS3 Transitions (for animations)
  • CSS3 Text Shadow
  • CSS3 Gradients
  • CSS3 Border Image
  • CSS3 Flex box model
  • ClassList APIs
  • FormData
  • HTML5 History API
  • Drag’n Drop from Desktop

Things highlighted in RED are things that have security concerns, or potential for privacy abuse american horror story herunterladen.

Things in Purple only effect performance (WebGL works with a plugin)

Things in Green just annoy me to begin with autocad architecture herunterladen.

That leaves the Un-Highlighted items. 

There are 4 CSS3 items that IE probably should fix.  I’m not big on Border Image, I haven’t seen it work consistently, and Mobile devices often don’t have the speed for it, and it doesn’t work well when you scale/zoom a page.  So I would not worry about that. 

The Item listed as “FormData” is listed, but since not all versions of FireFox4 send name value pairs in the same XML format, I would argue that FireFox doesn’t have this feature either.  (Form Data is a way to do in HTML5 what you can do in jQuery with creating an XML request to move lots of data between webforms and the server”

SVG animations don’t need to exist if you have HTML5, you can do everything that SMIL Vector Graphic Animations can do.  There is a miniscule number of sites that have these, and the CPU required is pretty high compared to doing the same things with HTML5, Flash, or Silverlight old teamviewer version.

JavaScript Strict Mode  is a Debugging tool, not a feature required for users (as opposed to developers) IE handles this in the UI, rather than on page.  Why you would ever want to set a Production site to “Show lots of errors and crash more easily” mode is beyond me.  The UI of the browser is the place for this arialmt herunterladen.

The Item Highlighted in Yellow is a lie.  CSS3 Applies just fine to Forms, with the limitations that IE has on CSS3 to begin with, and it supports validation iphone 4 spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Microsoft implemented HTML5 and CSS3 to a set of limitations that likely makes sense.  Rather than assuming everyone has a High End PC and won’t be stupid enough to get rick-rolled in to installing something, or auto-filling out a form that includes their browsing history, they have built an enterprise browser.  This is not the kids toy that FireFox is that nightly builds have different features than main releases.  This is a Tank, designed to keep users safe while creating an industry leading browser in terms of speed on any class of hardware, and compatibility in terms of making sure all pages render in a usable way with a high level of constancy amazon kindle download kostenlos.

I am actually switching off of Chromium, to go back to IE9 because of many of the reasons outlined in this post.  IE9 is less ripe for attack from “failure to inform” type issues.  Or “failures of understanding”.  Offline browsing, History API and most of the things in red make me lose sleep at night gratis films downloaden macbook. If I was an IT admin again, I would force users to use IE, because it is once again a full featured modern browser that is built with security in mind, not a play thing.