: The Social Media Tool Social Media Experts Don’t Even Know Exists

Social Media Experts sing the praises of Klout, they rant and rave about their score, they debate the formula, and what it means to be “and Explorer”.  Real PR Companies, and REAL Ad Budget Managers, don’t care what Klout says.  We check with Google.  AdPlanner was acquired by Google when they bought DoubleClick, which took it from an expensive pay product to a free product that few who are new to the space know about sims 4 inhalte herunterladen.

AdPlanner not only tells you what a bloggers reach is, but what their demographic looks like and what their audience is interested in.

Klout for example:

AdPlanner From Google: The Social Media Tool Social Media Experts Don’t Even Know Exists

Has 390k Unique Visitors, who check their score about 6 times a month.  That’s a lot of navel gazing.  But what can you expect from the rich social media elite?  Well it turns out that about 2/3s of them make less than $50k a year bewerbungsmaster kostenlos herunterladen.


Which isn’t all that great considering they all have some college herunterladen.


These numbers are not always perfect, Google can’t always tell if someone is male or female, but the stats are generally pretty accurate, especially on sites with more than 100k visitors a month beste app um kostenlos musik zu downloaden.

What really sets AdPlanner apart from the other tools out there is that it gives a context for the audience.


This information helps you to make decisions about how much of the demographic that the site reaches is actually relevant to the product you are trying to promote. is about PR and Stats, and that is strongly reflected in the Audience interest information in AdPlanner youtv aufnahme herunterladen.

While Klout fans may point out that this doesn’t give any information on Twitter users, but if you look at a twitter user’s website, it does.  @Scobleizer lists his Google profile, but we all know he is at 

AdPlanner can also be used to find sites based on the audience you want to reach.   For example you want to launch a competitor to Klout, so you would use AdPlanner to find site that Klout users also visit, and that will let you create a list of sites to contact about ads, or just import the list in to you AdWords with handy videos from youtube.


As someone who manages Ad Campaigns, this is what I care about.  Your Klout score doesn’t impress me.  If you have over 85 and my mom hasn’t heard of you I assume you bought followers so your score is made up, and if you are under 80 you aren’t worth talking to because you don’t have any reach.  That means there is only a range of about 5 for which you are big enough to work with, but not so big as to draw suspicion firefox downloaden android.

In the trained hands of even a Novice Brand Manager, AdPlanner is one of the best tools for competitive research, press management, and blogger outreach national anthems. In the hands of a master, AdPlanner becomes the first step in a Social Media CRM solution generating leads, tracking demographics, and allowing a product and brand manager to determine common features of the audience they are trying to reach, the subjects that interest them and the sites they visit putzplan downloaden.