Google AdSense / AdWords and Medical Marijuana Ads That Shouldn’t Be: Even I Have Standards

I don’t use Marijuana. Even some copycats. I don’t condone it’s use.  But I’m usually ok with taking bud seller’s ad dollars, because well I’m a slut for advertising.  All of that said.  The Ad that I saw running on my site today, should not be approved by AdWords for so many reasons.  The ad features a Marijuana Leaf on a pink background with what I thinks is supposed to be a police officer with a pigs tail beating a handicapped man in a wheel chair who is smoking pot ältere java version downloaden.

Some where along the way someone should have said, “that is one ugly ad,” but even if Google doesn’t have standards for the artistic quality, they should have had some standard that says they don’t allow depictions of drug use, or violence. Click here if you want to know more about the inpatient treatment in orlando excel englisch herunterladen. Addiction to drugs is a result of an individual developing a strange dependency on a prescription or non-prescription drug in order to relieve pain after an accident or injury. Usually, most pain killers result in a kind of habit forming. In this case, the individual craves for the drug. Drug addiction can also occur when an individual chooses to abuse his or her body via taking illegal drugs von youtube kostenlos herunterladen. Addiction to any type of drug is a serious matter.One may require to adopt more than one way to overcome an addiction. Some may be lucky to overcome this addiction but some fail to remain clean for a long time. Relapses have become common under these cases.It is true that most patients are able to complete a detox program successfully & eliminate the foreign substances from their body but the emotional distress that resulted in using the drug initially may still exist windows 10 videosen. This is the reason that some people continue using drug to escape their pain.These days, rehab centers are providing ongoing support to drug abuses as soon as they leave a program.Former patients are advised to attend therapy sessions that serve as a support group. One-on-one counseling is also provided widely these days in order to help drug abuses to cope with their trials.The symptoms related to drug addiction cannot be defeated easily how to download minecraft story mode. Some drug addicts show clear signs of addiction. However, others are capable to hide their addiction really well. It may easily take about weeks or even months prior to anyone get a clue about the problem. A drug abuser is moody & can be quite irritable. He or she can even exhibit signs of depression or bipolar. Another common sign of addiction to drug may be stealing or borrowing moneys for buying drugs, sleeping & even an overall change in behavior datumprikker downloaden. People try to stop using drug without going for a treatment. This is not effective. Some are able to come out of this addiction but a relapse is often indicated. The best way to get rid of drug addiction is to get professional treatment.In order to find symptoms of drug addiction, you need to look for intense cravings for a particular drug.You would want to use this medicine again & again Friday of the 13 free. As soon as you stop using it, you may develop some unpleasant physical reactions. There are also certain drugs that cause physical dependence as compared to the others. It is very difficult to break a drug addiction. However, you should not consider it impossible. With good support from your family, friends & doctor & others, you can easily overcome your dependence on drug prime movies mac. In fact Google has a policy against this:

Google AdWords prohibits the promotion of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and aids to pass drug tests. This includes drug accessories, drugs, and herbal drugs such as salvia and magic mushrooms.

Examples of prohibited products:

    • aids to pass drug tests
    • drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and poppers

Which doesn’t quite say you can’t promote t-shirts that promote legislation… but I think it is implied tiptoi herunterladen mac.

And the terms don’t say you can’t depict violence, as long as you don’t promote it.

Ads and associated websites may not promote violence or advocate against a protected group. A protected group is distinguished by one of the following:

    • race or ethnic origin Google Adsense / Adwords and Medical Marijuana Ads That Shouldn’t Be: Even I Have Standards
    • color
    • national origin
    • religion
    • disability
    • sex
    • age
    • veteran status
    • sexual orientation or gender identity

So the best I have for reasons this ad shouldn’t have been approved is it doesn’t say the URL it points to, so I can’t block it lego ninjago tournament now. (I can using the right click method… the ad goes but I prefer that ads comply and show their URL)

I don’t know if a Category block would have worked on this ad.  I don’t block the “Drugs and Supplements” category, because it outperforms other ads on my sites by about 70%.


I block religion ads not because I am opposed to religion, they just don’t pay well.  Same for Dating site ads.

Overall my biggest complaint about AdSense is that so many very bad ads make it through the AdWords screeners.  While I realize that Ad Approval costs money, you would think that Google would have a technology that could read the text of an ad, and spot certain shapes in the ad and those would go through a higher level of scrutiny. (say a marijuana leaf)

This has not been the first post I have made about really bad ads making it on to my site, and likely it won’t be my last.