The Internet Is Full. Is Your Website Ready For IPv6?: IPv4 Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The Internet is out of IPv4 addresses, and while with all the talk of consumer readiness for IPv6 how is your website doing?  One of the problems with website hosting is that often we are not the masters of our own destiny.  Some of my websites are running on 4 year old hardware and have been on autopilot for all those 4 years.  Those sites were not and still aren’t ready for IPv6 video from youtube download legal.

This website however is hosted on Google App Engine, and GAE is ready for IPv6 by default, assuming your domain registrar / DNS Provider supports IPv6.  With Google you just add a CName record to and as long as Google has Whitelisted your ISP for IPv6 traffic, your site works solitaire download for free for pc.

I have already seen IPv6 traffic in my traffic logs.  Only about 4 visitors a day, but some.

My move to IPv6 was easy for XYHD on Google, but playing with some of my other site it was not formular l1 herunterladen.

If you are your own host you will need to set up a AAAA DNS record for your site that contains your IPv6 information.  You will also have to make sure your hosting provider is using IPv6 enabled routers.  Many datacenters only support IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling and may require you to contact them to set this tunnel up for your server herunterladen.

Some hosting providers are just not ready, and won’t be for some months. says it will be ready in the middle of 2011:

Rackspace has also been performing datacenter upgrades that will continue through the first half of 2011 flughafenfeuerwehr simulator 2013 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. These upgrades will occur during normal Rackspace engineering maintenance windows, as well as, supplemental maintenance windows introduced to accommodate our rapid deployment plans for IPv6 präsentationen zumen. is not IPv6 Ready, and has not stated when they will be.  The best they have is a Wiki statement that they will be, and your IP will be free initially flight simulator for free.

DreamHost is close to adding support for IPv6 addresses to any domain hosted here. IPv6 offers a few advantages, not the least of which is the enormous pool of addresses available (in comparison to the legacy IPv4 network) black ops 2 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Because of this large available address pool, DreamHost will initially be offering unique IPv6 IPs for free with any domain. claims both that they are IPv6 ready, and simultaneously that you won’t be able to get an IPv6 address until they run out of IP5 download the certificate for free.

Bluehost Support: Yes, we do support IPv6.
Stefan: Great! Is there a cost associated with that and how do I go about setting that up outlook nachrichten automatischen?
Bluehost Support: I am sorry, we cannot give you IPv6 until our IP5 runs out.
Stefan: Wait, you just told me you have support for IPv6.  What the heck is IP5?
Bluehost Support: IP5 is the version before IP6.  We can’t give you an IP6 until our IP5 runs out. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

Most of us skipped IPv5… BlueHost is in their own little world on this one.

ServerBeach/Peer1 Networks has IPv6 support if you are on their Toronto Datacenter, but the others for the most part do not.  ServerBeach seemed eager to work with me to move any servers that needed to a part of the network that had IPv6 enabled, likely because they are being proactive and want to know if anything isn’t working.

Microsoft Azure does not support IPv6 at this time, and has not released a time table for when it will.

Amazon AWS and EC2 do not yet support IPv6 though the forums have information on setting up tunneling through an IPv6 Broker, which is not cheap, or fast, so it eliminates all the advantage of using Amazon Cloud Services.

Overall it’s a massive ball of fail.  Google seems to be the only hosting/cloud provider to have really jumped on the IPv6 bandwagon, ServerBeach / Peer 1 has solutions today, and seem anxious to help making them a close second in my mind.  There may be other big providers that have IPv6 support, but I checked the places that I encounter most in my consulting, so I apologize if I missed your site.

This information was accurate at time of posting, however many hosts are working to upgrade so this information will likely change in the near future.

Follows is a List of Dedicated Hosting Providers with IPv6 service available now across their entire service (most are non-US).

Listed Alphabetically:


Armitum IT Services


CQ – internet diensten

Digital Residence B.V.

Eliveld Networks


IC Hosting

Interactive 3D BV



Media Design B.V



MuntInternet Networks B.V






Roller Network LLC

Shock Media B.V.

Sudus Internet


Vinzei Internet Services