WordPress Sucks: WordPress Won Because No One Gives A Damn

MajorDojo has an article about how WordPress won the “blog wars”.  Well it didn’t win, people just stopped caring.  WordPress is a crappy CMS herunterladen. It blows whole loads of chunks all over the place in terms of speed, scale, and security.  The problem is that there is almost no money in setting up a blogging software, and if you charge for it you have to support every idiot blogger, none of whom want to pay for anything. 

Yes, this site runs WordPress, though as Jake likes to point out, it is really just a pretty interface to a database.  My theme doesn’t use much of WordPress’s functions, and the users don’t actually hit WordPress and PHP, they hit my acceleration and security service running in Python on GAE.  Why?  Because WordPress is so Slow weihnachtslieder gratisen mp3. Sure, part of it is that PHP isn’t blazing fast, and MySQL lookups take time, but on a highend server a site powered by WordPress.com can take 3 seconds to serve just the HTML portion of the page.  By comparison Python serves the page in .6 seconds herunterladen.



MovableType that Jake at www.jakeludington.com runs is superior in almost every way.  MovableType doesn’t have the deep adoption that WordPress does because it is not as easy to do as a One Click install, as PHP stuff is.  Content creators tend to not want to have to think about the technology, which goes both ways.  WordPress is not easily scalable beyond 500k visitors a month.  There are things you can do to get there (and beyond) but it is not something your average culinary blogger is going to set up.  Movable Type However tops out when your ISP limits the bandwidth to your server, literally at numbers like 10k visitors an hour herunterladen.

The problem is that usually by the time a blog gets to the point they need that, they are so entrenched they can’t get out of the CMS they chose early on movies planet school.

The same problem exists with people on Tumblr, and other blog services.  When you convert from a Hobby blogger to a Pro blogger, you can’t afford to switch technologies sniper kostenlos downloaden.

I think Byrne is calling the war over a bit soon.  There is plenty of room for an upset, especially as Google starts to favor sites that are faster with bonuses to their quality score, and as bloggers become more savvy about what they want out of a CMS, like

  • Double Titles (SEO/User Friendly)
  • Front/Home page management
  • User Portal Pages
  • Ajax / Realtime updating
  • Deeper Social Media Integration

WordPress can do a lot of these things, but currently because of the way the WordPress handles Plugins, Widgets and “The Loop” every feature you add to WordPress slows it down herunterladen.

I’m betting on solutions that are more cloud friendly, add the ability for infinite elasticity, and don’t have the security issues of WordPress.   WordPress may have one the battle, but with Cloud technology taking the forefront, the war is far from over free of charge.