Scam or Really a Big Deal: Entertainment Auction Review is an Entertainment Auction site, which is a new genre of site that many users don’t fully understand and so they instantly think that is a scam.  As it happens, I’m quite addicted to the site and the Big Deals that I can get there.  Making it not a scam but a game, which is of course what is meant by “entertainment auctions” they are supposed to be fun tube videoer kostenlos.

I inherited my mom’s obsession with getting a good deal, and the “thrill of the hunt” to find one.  Big Deal which promises up to 98% off is of course very appealing in that regard.  Group-on and Living Social pale next to the savings can offer herunterladen. Which means there must be a catch right? Yes, and No.

With you “buy bids” upfront.  Which means that if you don’t win a bid you may end up out the cost of the bids, or using the credits you acquired bidding against the full purchase price amazon video to sd card.

For me this is like playing Maple Story, I have an advantage the more I spend to get bids, which means I win more auctions and get better deals.  I have had to learn to bid only on the things I’m interested in, because if I do impulse shopping thinking something is an amazing deal I sometimes scam myself in to buying things I don’t really have a use for myt material v4 herunterladen. (like an electric kettle when I don’t drink tea or coffee but was an amazing deal) Scam or Really a Big Deal: Entertainment Auction Review

In cases where I do get a great deal on something I don’t want I typically flip it on eBay.  This has actually made me a fair amount of money from time to time.  Not enough that I’d quit my day job, but in the cases where I start to buy something thinking that I’d love to have it for $1, and end up spending $10 it gives me a way out of the item at a profit, and fuels my need to “win” at auctions. 

I’m a very competitive guy, so I often feel I “have to” win sophies friends fashion designer pc free download. Which may be part of the other reason some people think scams users.  From time to time in a bidding war I have run the price up to the point it was not a Good Deal, but I had to win.  This isn’t the site’s fault, it just happens that sometimes when two competitive people end up in the same auction we do stupid things Anno 1404 online profile download failed. does have Big Deals quite often, and lots of time if you are bidding on some of the more obscure items you can get some really amazing deals, just perhaps not on what you were looking for.  It is an entertainment site, not a coupon site, don’t expect that everything you bid on will be something you should try to win, nor that everything is an amazing deal, but with some practice you can have a lot of fun, and get some really Big Deals netflix series to download.