Predicting the Death of / New York Times Pay Wall Fails on Multiple levels

The attached video shows why setting up a Pay Wall isn’t as easy as you might think.  New York Times is turning its back on the ad sponsored model that the majority of the web uses, and instead intend to use a freemium model.  The Problem herunterladen? New York Times isn’t in the business of managing complex website mechanics, so they are blocking many of the free users.

When the New York Times promotes an article on Twitter it is supposed to be available for any twitter user, regardless if they are a paid subscriber or not.  The hope being that if you ended up at the site from social media that, you will be inclined to upgrade from the free service to the pay service to see other articles which are promoted on the page you initially came to read.  The problem is that if you are a user arriving via a Proxy, or shared corporate network anyone in your office may have already burned through your free views.  Also because of the way the “where did you come from” portion of the pay wall works, using Tweet Deck and IE9 didn’t result in me being able to view links on New York Times (see video) free pdf drucker herunterladen. Predicting the Death of / New York Times Pay Wall Fails on Multiple levels

Setting up transparent, dynamic pay walls is difficult at best, and done wrong they just serve to annoy the user.  I’d rather have a “you have to login via Facebook Connect” screen greet me than I would deal with being sent a link that greets me with a pay wall, by accident.  No, New York Times, I won’t create a new account to read your content, you don’t have anything I care “That much” about, certainly nothing that someone won’t report about in an ad supported way somewhere else.  That is of course the advantage of News, there isn’t really any exclusives, only scoops, and in the land of the internet you are only going to out scoop the other guys by an hour.  So yes New York Times, your pay wall has just made you completely irrelevant. 

If the NY Times had any skill at site design, or ad sales they wouldn’t need a pay wall herunterladen. Maybe they missed that there are profitable news networks online. (This one for example). That you can in fact make money off of your audience through selling them things, and letting others sell to them.  Which works much better, because your audience then becomes a method for you to expand their reach, because many of them are fairly good at this social media thing, and in social media, “pay wall” is a dirty word.  Believe it or not you can even do a pay wall that does nothing but turn the ads off, or allow you to leave comments. 

The New York Times will learn all of these lessons over the next 6 months as they see a huge reduction in the amount of social media reach they have.  Without people to discuss their content, link to it, and tell their friends about it, their inbound links will drop, their Word Of Mouth reach will fall to nothing, and they will wither and die (at least online).  They will be the first Dead Tree Press to really show how a subscription model can also make them a Dead Net Press in short order.  Ironic that a press that seemingly has enough influence to change Google results, is so out of tune with how Google and Social Media Works that they will shoot themselves in the foot, but trying to create a new model for content online by duplicating the model that is failing offline kompass gratis herunterladen.