What To Do If Gmail Gives You A ‘Sorry, Your Account Has Been Disabled’ Message

I recently had my Gmail hacked, which is a pain for me and the people in my contacts list.  For me it is the pain that this is the account I use on my Google Android phone.  It is not the one I use for my AdSense, AdWords, and Analytics smileys for whatsapp. (and you shouldn’t either because it is way easier to hack a Gmail, than a Something@Yourdomain.com).

But if you have gotten the dreaded  ‘Sorry, Your Account Has Been Disabled’ message in your Gmail or other Google App don’t panic, your friends likely all got a spam from you, and you just need to let Google know you weren’t the person who sent it, apologize, change your password, and be back to work in under an hour herunterladen.What To Do If Gmail Gives You A 'Sorry, Your Account Has Been Disabled' Message

Go submit this form to Google herunterladen. Say something like, “Dear Google, I am sorry I didn’t pick a strong password, or logged in to a site with the same username and password as I use for my Gmail, which was dumb of me.  Please accept my apology and re-enable my account, I will be better in the future”.  Google will then consider if you were deserving of having your account disabled, or if they will take you back. 

Google will send you an email apologizing for disabling your account, and explaining that you were doing something suspicious and that it was for your on protection that they disabled your Gmail Account, and that as soon as you confirm by text or voice message that you are a human, and then change your password your service will be restored samsung note 3 herunterladen momentan nicht möglich.

This happens in under an hour.

My Gmail was restored, I stopped using a very old very simple password that was designed to be easy to enter on my cellphone which is the primary place I use this account, and other than everyone at an ex-employer getting a spam message about how I love Acai juice, life went back to normal windows 10 Download update.