Donald Trump To Announce Plans To Run For President: Would You Vote For A Man Whose Slogan Is “You’re Fired”

With Celebrity endorsements rolling in from Joey Lawrence and Rush Limbaugh it appears Donald Trump wants to be the next president.  While Donald Trump certainly has made some good bets in the past to make him famous, and wealthy, he has also made some pretty bad bets in the past which left him millions in debt download images from google drive on iphone.

Is this the kind of fiscal policy you’d want for the country? Donald Trump who is likely more of a house hold name for his appearance on “The Apprentice” is most famoust for saying “You’re Fired”, not the most inspiring quote from someone who hopes to bring America out of its current economic slump skype kostenlos herunterladen für computer.

But more than that do we really want a president who has such a lousy choice in hair stylists?  If you can’t even pick a great personal stylist how are you supposed to pick a presidential cabininet how to download youtube videos as mp3?  Donald trump just has too much baggage, and too many companies that he’d have to sever ties with to be president.  With a clothing line and a bunch of hotels and casinos, Trump just doesn’t stand for what most people in America would want in a leader ams app herunterladen.

Donald Trump has been testing the waters by doing a radio tour speaking about how Obama wasn’t born in the US.  Obama produced a copy of his birth certificate after much prodding herunterladen.  While the election race hasn’t officially started, it is easy to see that many people are gearing up for the 2012 elections, and candidates are testing the waters to see how well they will be recieved adobe scanen.

Donlald Trump could be the next Ronald Reagan going from Television personality to president, capitalizing on his fame and viewer appeal.