Lindsey Lohan falls flat on her face

Outside a Manhattan night club Lindsey Lohan falls flat to her face. She is saying that she was not under the influence of anything but that she merely was hanging out with her friends and joking and went down and hit the ground herunterladen. The pictures look as if she was intoxicated or snorting coke off the side walk… in her own story she said “They’re trying to make something out of nothing." film? No Lindsey with everything you have done who is going to make something out of nothing. People only see what you give them and how something looks verses how something is maybe two different stories imiji images. Lindsey is only given us the crazy kleptomaniac, drunk, dui side of her life since she left Disney. Maybe for awhile Lindsey should just lay low and give the world time to forget out all her mistakes weihnachtliches briefpapier zum herunterladen. Brittany had to do it for a bit and she is back on top of her game. So Lindsey go home lick your Samantha wounds and get over it and get back in the saddle clean and drug and klepto free free CV.

Lindsey added this comment as well “Just because I’m out doesn’t mean I’m drinking." In any other scenario I would agree but with Lindsay she is a leopard and in her past her spots have been the same herunterladen. So who is to say that she isn’t having a sip here and there? Lindsey come on who in their right mind do you think is going to think for one second you’re not doing anything wrong free ringtone iphone? The whole world sees your every move and knows when your name pops in the paper or on the web drama is going to be involved.

So yes Lindsey I fall all the time coming out steak and shake at 2am but no I am not drunk just playing with my friends… really who is going to believe me either wdr mediathek videos herunterladen?