Never Thought I’d Defend Urban Outfitters: Heart Hole State Necklaces From Etsy Date Back Pre-1987

I’m not a patron of Urban Outfitters, I don’t where cigarette jeans, or fit 90% of what they sell as "mens" clothing that might be better labeled "metrosexual male" or "emo" wear, rather than "Men’s wear".  But the recent outcry of twitter about Urban Outfitters ripping off indie artists pissed me off tomtom karten illegal downloaden. Not the way it did most other users.  I was pissed at the community that claims that Stephanie Koerner or,  Stevie of tru.che, or a host of other people, is the inventor of the "Heart shaped hole" in a state necklaces herunterladen.

In 1987 I gave the girl I had a crush on in 3rd grade a necklace with a Michigan with a hear shaped hole in it.  Stephanie and Stevie didn’t make that necklace herunterladen.


She still had the necklace, and you can see from above that while it is not the silver that the ones you would buy on Etsy are, it is definitely a very similar design.  I couldn’t find a picture, but I have seen California necklaces with Heart Holes at pier 39/ Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco.  San Francisco sells a lot of hear shaped tourist memorabilia because of the whole "I left my heart in San Francisco" song, and the art project that sprinkled hearts around the city taschenlampen app kostenlos herunterladen.

I don’t think Urban Outfitters is to blame for looking at what is trending in fashion and knocking it off.  That’s what fashion does.  If Poodle skirts for men were suddenly popular Urban Outfitters would sell those too.  All the Retro T-shirts, and bell bottom jeans that are coming back are for sale every where from Target to Hot Topic.  None of the people who sold vintage wear are complaining that they got ripped off download and edit the homepage.

So hey twitter mob, next time you rush off to defend some punk who knocked off the necklace I thought was cool in 3rd grade, just remember, just because it is new to you doesn’t mean the person selling it, was the genius who invented it herunterladen.