Pick-Up Lines for the Rapture / Apocalypse / End of the World

The world may not have ended (yet), but that doesn’t mean it won’t.  You should be prepared because it is quite possible you and the girl you wanted back in High School that can’t even remember you may find out she really would hook up with you if you were the last man on earth.  So here are some Pick-Up Lines to help hook up in the last 2 minutes of the World before it all goes to Hades.

"Hey baby are you hot for me, or are those the flames of hell?"

"If we are going to hell in 2 hours anyway, why don’t we see how many positions of sin we can get through between now and then…."

"I must have gone to the right place ’cause I’m standing next to an angel"

"Is that a Cross in your pocket or are you just really happy to see me? Darn I was hoping it was a cross I was hoping to look pious"

"Since that whole getting down on your knees thing did work for you, you think you could make it work for me?"

"If you are going to confess your sins I’m going to need a demonstration to know exactly what kind of adultery you committed."

"I’m way better than that last guy you dated, I’d gladly spend the rest of our lives together, or the next 3 minutes depending on if I get off, or the world ends first"

"You know the great thing about sex during the rapture? You won’t have to worry about my Herpes, cause it will be over before you’d notice"

Just remember that during an apocalypse / end of the world / rapture, not everyone will be as prepared as you, so you may have to deal with a lot of crying, and tears, and yammering about how the person wasted their life, and are never going to see their hamster again.  To help them deal with this I suggest alcohol.  They aren’t likely to have a hang over, and you can remind them that they won’t have any regrets in the morning because there won’t be a morning.

To really maximize the potential of having the above plans work, just remember that you will need to make sure that you are the only male around, other wise you can’t be the last man on earth, and you will want to have assured the person you are attempting to score with that their entire family is dead, otherwise they may be distracted and want to go find them.  Yes, you will likely go to hell for doing the things I have described here, but you were on your way there any way.