LulzSec Disbands After 50 Days Of Hacking

LulzSec the band of hackers responsible for bringing down the Sony Play Station Network, parts of the FBI site, and stealing information from the CIA, the US Senate, and Pornography sites claims they are disbanding, "as planned".  But according to someone close to the group the retirement was not as planned as the group may have let on clips von webseitenen.

Hackers enjoy online anonymity, and may be masters of their domain online, but just as many of us picture the geek hackers to be scrawny little guys in real life, they kind or are compared to the big scary guys who run many of the adult entertainment sites nero burn program free chip.

While not all porn sites are operated by shady characters many of the more explicit sites are run as both means to launder money, and a way to collect fodder for blackmail.  Hacking the sites of the kinds of guys who break your legs when you don’t pay your protection, is generally a bad idea herunterladen. Bragging that you hacked the sites of drug cartels, is a very good way to be kidnapped in a white panel van on your way out of the 7/11.

When a non-US based LulzSec member was stepping out of the local grocery store she (not all hackers are male) was pulled in to a white van and told that if Lulz Security attempted anymore hacks the teams names would be turned over to the cartels they hacked.  While the people in the van did not identify themselves she stated that they sounded American, and that she suspects they were working on behalf of the CIA or FBI snip herunterladen.

Going to prison is far less scary than having your family hunted down and murdered by drug lords, and strikes me as a very good reason to stop hacking wie kann ich spiele herunterladen.

LulzSec has stolen enough credit card and personal information to likely make enough money that the team members could live quite well for a number of years selling the data on the black market, but it appears the group has loftier goals.  While they are leaving the cyber terrorism business, they are entertaining positions as cyber mercenaries, shoring up defenses on sites for profit, or taking out competitors on the hush-hush zh private tax herunterladen.