Review of UPS vs. FedEx vs. DHL vs. OnTrac From A Recipients Perspective

As a business you have a lot of choices these days for who should fulfill your shipping needs, and most businesses look only at cost, not the difference in experience their clients have when working with the various shipping solutions.

Recently everyone from our office was out of town for 3 days to cover HPDiscover in Las Vegas.  As a result our packages were going to go unsigned.  In a perfect storm for doing a review we were receiving packages from 4 shipping/logistics companies this week.  While the package sizes were not all the same, everyone of them required the carrier to contact me to complete the delivery, so they couldn’t do a drop and dash they actually had to interact with me and do "logistics" herunterladen.

To set the stage, we were receiving the following things:

  • A 7×10 foot bamboo rug from Amazon via FedEx.
  • 4 Couch Cushion Covers from via UPS.
  • A Custom made  BlackWater Logo’ed dress shirt from via DHL
  • A Micro Recorder from Amazon via OnTrac.

These were all being shipped to our office in Kirkland, WA.  Not all regions may have the same level of service, but this is our experience windows xp service pack 3 download deutsch kostenlos. This is NOT as Residential Location It is a Professional Business location in a Res/Commercial location.

DHL, FedEx, and even OnTrac, all called on the phone to confirm if I wanted packages left, held at the depot or postponed delivery. UPS is the only company that failed to make arrangements.  To make matters worse they left a note on the door saying they would return at 10:30 – 2 pm the following day.  So I made arrangements to have someone be there during that window to sign for the package herunterladen. Instead of showing up after 10:30 they were there at 9:49 am.  So my package was returned to Canada from which it came.

Review of UPS vs. FedEx vs. DHL vs. OnTrac  From A Recipients PerspectiveUPS is the only carrier that doesn’t have a consistent schedule for arrival access 2013 manual free. Unless we request morning delivery FedEx delivers between 3 and 3:30 every time. DHL always arrives at 4:45 (which is later than we’d like but it is like clockwork) and OnTrac calls to confirm we will be there before showing up so while their time varies we always get our package.

I have complained in the past that I don’t like that OnTrac sends plain clothes delivery people in unmarked vehicles, but that is just a safety concern.  It creeps me out when random people show up on the door, especially since they often leave the package in the car until they are sure we are here, so we open the door to find a stranger on our door who often then darts towards their vehicle net framework windows 7 kostenlos.

While none of the competitors are perfect, UPS is the only company that we have to contact on a regular basis to handle screwed up deliveries. UPS has left packages in front of the wrong unit, out in the rain, and even claimed we weren’t there and left no sticker because “There is no unit 1 in that building” roger whittaker kostenlosen.

We receive and ship packages 3-4 days out of every week.  I am most happy with FedEx.  When they need us to sign for something when we aren’t going to be around they leave it at the FedEx/Kinkos 5 blocks away if we ask them.  They have been very good about making sure that packages are left in a dry location (which in Seattle area is important), and they are friendly when they deliver.  FedEx has also done Saturday retries on deliveries when we cut out early on Friday and missed them.

DHL does an amazing job, we just get fewer things from them, but they agreed to hold a package for a week and then re-try the delivery because we couldn’t work out a time that was going to work for us app wo man alles kostenlos herunterladen kann. They called left a voice mail, looked my shipment up by address, were polite and friendly, and just plain helpful, and they called from a local office which was great.

We have been most unhappy with UPS which routinely leaves packages in bad places, does a no-knock drop off, and fails to contact us when something is going to be returned.  Their customer service has been the least friendly on the phone.  It is ALWAYS my fault that the package wasn’t delivered os x el capitanen.

The time they told me they couldn’t find the place:

"Your location isn’t clearly marked"

"Oh, well there is a Big ‘1’ on the door, and the street address is in foot tall numbers, and you come once a week I’d think you’d find it"

The time they left my package in the mud:

"Likely the driver didn’t want to block the foot path, or the door"

The time they told me 10:30am – 2pm and came at 9:49:

"The delivery time is an estimate based on the driver’s experience on that route"

"Oh, so Comcast that only gives me a 4 hour window for my Cable appointment has better logistics, than UPS?"

"Sir, we make attempts on 3 business days, if you don’t care enough about your shipment to be there, why should we care enough to deliver later in the day to accommodate your schedule"

"I tried to accommodate your schedule and you showed up early"

"Is there anything else I can do for you sir?"

"Deliver my package on Monday? Hold it at the Depot? Call me next time?"

"Sir, we can’t do that, if there is nothing more we can do for you I’m going to end this call" <CLICK>

The fact that I have to call UPS put them them at the bottom of my list for Logistics herunterladen.

The way we consume our shipping is likely much more B2C than B2B.  The items we get are not parts for projects usually, and they don’t impact us for the most part when they are late. But we do those kinds of things too.  When we order a new camera, or lenses for a camera it is for an event we are working on.  When I order couch covers and rugs it is because we have a meeting at the office and I want it to look good.  So the logistics are important to us.  UPS is the shipping company that most advertises "logistics" and what "Brown can do for you" but the truth is brown is the color closest to what I think of their service level Download pictures with sayings for free.