2011 Undie Awards: Thongs Are Out, Granny Panties Are In

            Is the thong dead? According to the 2011 Undie Awards and Cosmopolitan magazine, not only is the thong a thing of the past but the Granny Panty is reining supreme mozilla old version. And that sound you hear is women across the world releasing a collective sigh of relief.

            Because while thongs were a lot of things they were never especially comfortable microsoft office mac downloaden. Sure, you could get used to them eventually. But you can get used to a lot of things; an obnoxious boss, rush hour traffic, pencil skirts. That doesn’t make them comfortable birthday cards to for free.

            Generally speaking there are only two reasons we wear thongs. The first is to avoid panty lines youtube videos downloaden url. After all, a day- long wedgie is preferable to being able to clearly define where panty ends and cheek begins. The second reason is because they look really cute with a matching bra sounds und geräusche kostenlos downloaden. What did you expect? We’re women, we like matching lacy things. I’ve never heard anyone complain.

            Now that the people-or a reasonable representation of the people- have spoken, it may be time to trade that thong in for a pair of panties your great grandmother would be proud of herunterladen. The Undie Awards poll 40,000 consumers, asking them to rate undergarments from bras to jock straps. This is the fifth year the awards have been conducted skype german windows 8 for free.

            In 2007 the overall most popular women’s panty award went to the La Perla G-string sims 4 inhalteen. This year the winner is the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Brief herunterladen.

It may seem like a drastic change, but in reality it’s been years in the making. For the last several years more women have been voting for the boy short and hipster styles and leaning away from the thong tft. Consumers have increasingly gone for comfort over all else.

Also, the traditional granny panty has gotten an upgrade. The new granny styles feature more lace and color, are seamless and work well with the higher waisted pants and skirts which are coming into style. Given the new styling and women’s preference for comfort, the granny panty has made a major comeback.

While all this makes intellectual sense, I’m not sure I can wrap my mind around a world in which teenagers show off their new high waisted silkies to their friends. The concept of stopping in at Victoria’s Secret and trying to decide between the pink satin or blue lace grannies also seems a little more foreign than I can imagine.

Then there’s the third date factor. Can you imagine the look on a man’s face when you take off that sexy little black dress to reveal….undies like grandma’s? It probably won’t be a deal breaker since, hey, you’re getting naked after all and what man turns that down regardless of unfortunate panty choice? But it could be a mood changer.

            Not that I’m a major thong fan. I’ve never really seen the appeal and I don’t for one second buy the comfort argument I’ve heard on occasion. And even though the new granny panties are seamless, I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing a pair anytime soon. At least not if I have plans for anyone else to see my undergarment choice.