Denise Richards Adopts Baby Girl, Joining Celebrity Adoption Fad


                Once upon a time when a celebrity wanted to up their profile they’d tape a public service announcement, organize a benefit concert or give a rant while accepting their latest award lego fortnite herunterladen. Now it’s becoming customary to adopt a baby. The latest celebrity to jump on the adoption bandwagon is Denise Richards.

            Richards, who’s been in the news lately more for being Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and the mother of his two daughters than for anything career related just announced she’s adopted a baby girl, named Eloise Joni, domestically kostenlose weihnachtsmusik herunterladen. Or rather, Richards’ people made the announcement and she tweeted about how excited she is and how grateful she is to her fans, etc. etc.

            First, this is a woman who made a vacation stop with her ex-husband and his two girlfriends while he was mid-psychotic break upper glantal ls19. Richards also continued to “co-parent” with Sheen. So perhaps it isn’t the best thing for her to adopt a child, thereby bringing another helpless person into the mix herunterladen. Even one whom Sheen isn’t able to claim.

            Second, the timing of this is just a tad too perfect for me orf tvthek video herunterladen. For those who may not know it, Richards’ new memoir comes out on July 26. The fact that the adoption announcement comes less than a month before her book release is far too pat herunterladen. With the  announcement, Richards will no doubt be doing a round of goodwill publicity and of course she might just happen to mention her book….who wouldn’t pdf24 kostenlos? After all, her book is much more likely to be well received if the general public is feeling charitable toward her for, say, adopting a child.

            It’s not as if Richards is the only celebrity to get the urge to adopt a child fortnite op xbox. It seems every time you turn around some new actor or singer is posing on the cover of a magazine with their newly adopted bundle of joy. Angelina Jolie makes a practice of bringing a child home from every United Nations stop adobe gratisen. Then there was Madonna’s very high profile adoption drama. Not to mention Cheryl Crow, Meg Ryan, Katherine Heigl, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, the list goes on and on herunterladen.

            This is not to say that all celebrities are falling for the “adoption fad” or all celebrities who adopt a child fall into that category. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have seven children, two of whom were adopted through the Child Welfare System. Julie Andrews adopted two girls in 1974. James Caviezel, Valerie Harper, George Lucas and Diane Keaton are all adoptive parents. While I wasn’t around in 1974 to know, I don’t recall excessive press when the other celebrities on this list adopted.

            Certainly the general public makes a celebrity adoption newsworthy, but the celebrities themselves do have some control. They are the ones who choose to sit for interviews and photo shoots and who then reap the benefits of the public adoration for their selfless act.

            Adoption can be an amazing, nerve wracking and very public experience. From homestudy to birthparent conversations, an adoptive parent’s life is laid bare. But at the end of the day it’s about a child. A child who will want to know where they came from, how they came to be and what their story is. These children will perhaps one day ask, “Why did you want me?”

Which brings us back to little Eloise Richards. Hopefully one day should she ask her mother that question, Denise Richards’ answer won’t be, “Because my book wasn’t that great and I needed a publicity boost.”