Month at the Museum Contest Offers Not Just One Night at the Museum, But 30

Long before Ben Stiller chased Sue the Dinosaur, I dreamed of making a museum my home. I would sleep in a different gallery every night, wander at will through the exhibits and get to see and touch things no one else even knew existed snapchat for free. The best part would be having the entire place to myself. Just me and all those years of history to keep me company. Now Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry could make that dream come true pokemon romsen.

            This is being done through the Month at the Museum 2 contest. The contest will let one lucky winner spend 30 days living, working and playing in the Museum of Science and Industry this fall itube kostenlos herunterladen ios. The winner will chronicle their experiences through a blog and video diary. Oh, and they’ll win $10,000. But who cares? They’ll be living in a museum br mediathek film herunterladen!

            Those who don’t win the contest or who think the concept of a sharing their life with the viewing public for 30 days is a little too much openness can still participate in the experiment herunterladen. The public helps decide what the winner does during his or her 30 days by voting on or suggesting activities.

            Last year’s Month at the Museum Contest winner beat out 1,500 applicants swr2 musikstück der woche herunterladen. She had her own private sleeping quarters and a see-through office cube. She was given full access to the museum, including labs and storage areas. She spent the night in a supposedly haunted WWII submarine, experienced a tornado firsthand via simulator and participated in activities with museum patrons samsung tv app herunterladen anleitung. OK, and she earned $10,000 doing it.

            If I were to win the Month at the Museum, I’m not sure I’d try out the tornado sky on demand filme herunterladen. Though the avalanche might be interesting. My first order of business would be to spend some quality time in the Yesterday’s Main Street exhibit gntm herunterladen. It would be like having Chicago circa 1910 all to myself. Then it would be off to the Transportation Gallery- endless turns at the Flight Simulator with no waiting hörbücher kostenlos downloaden kinder. Then there would be the Earth Revealed and Smart Home exhibits….well, 30 days might be enough time to do everything. Even if it wasn’t, who could pass up the opportunity to make one of their childhood dreams come true?

            Now if NASA would just kick off that astronaut for 30 days contest and Disney would come up with a Princess for a Month competition….