The Next Great Vacation Adventure: Camping in New York City

The traveler who enjoys tempting fate while taking a fun filled trip over the Mexican border, risking being gored to death by running with the bulls in Spain or whitewater rafting with crocodiles (I assume not actually in the raft with you) in Africa can now add camping in New York to their list if possible dangerous vacation ideas herunterladen. No, really, you can camp in New York.

            Apparently officials think this is such a great idea that they are now expanding camping facilities and staging an ad campaign to get the word out popcorn time downloaden op tv.

Currently there are five camping lots in Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field. Floyd Bennett was the city’s first municipal airport, but has been maintained as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area since 1972 herunterladen. According to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the current camping area will be expanded to 90 campsites in the next two years. Salazar told an interviewer that you don’t know you’re in the city when at the campsites herunterladen.

Now I admit I’ve only been to New York three times. This does not make me an expert on city life. It does however make me an expert on life outside the city Download cv for free. I cannot for one second imagine that camping in the middle of a park-no matter how large- in Brooklyn would be remotely akin to camping in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for example herunterladen.

When camping in someplace that is definitely not in the middle of the city, you do run into problems and dangers. Wildlife can get a little too friendly tetris zum downloaden kostenlos. The weather can be unpredictable. Tents blow over, supplies are forgotten, and mosquitoes the size of crows descend at will, there’s no plumbing, that kind of thing kindle app kostenlos herunterladen. However, the dangers of camping in New York seem a bit more direct and, well, dangerous.

It’s a bit difficult to fathom why someone would want to try camping in New York windows movie maker appen. Unless of course whitewater rafting with crocodiles- in the raft- is a viable vacation option. Or if you’ve always wanted to know what the bait goat in ‘Jurassic Park’ felt like wie kann ich netflix filme downloaden.

Because whether you can tell you’re in the middle of the city or not, you are. In a tent. In the dark. And it doesn’t sound like you get a personal guard with each campsite. Which means that every mugger, rapist and serial killer in the metropolitan area will very possibly see this camping idea as Christmas in June. And July, and August…..

Plus there will still be smog, the occasional police helicopter flying over and/or landing and the joy of seeing that lovely skyline…of skyscrapers, apartment buildings, etc.

On the other hand, I’ve never been able to have a pizza delivered in the middle of 10,000 acres of forest. So maybe there would be a few perks to camping in the middle of New York