How To Make A Video Go Viral

People constantly ask me “How can I make my video go viral?” and then promptly show me a flaming pile of poo.  I can’t make a flaming pile of poo go viral.  Then someone else will show me something amazing and say “I got 50 views on YouTube” why didn’t this work tiptoi music school.

Seeding, Fostering and Timing.  While it is easier to take something viral if you had influence on the project from the very beginning, I am currently working with a good friend Erin Michael on a video she did as an application to the video game company “Valve” herunterladen.

Dear Valve: Hire Me skype for linux. A video application to Valve by Erin

Her channel previously had less than 100 YouTube views on 5 videos. She has gotten at least 5k views (YouTube tracks on a delay) and more likely close to 30k views in her first 24 hours bundessans.

By reaching out to key influencers in the gaming space we were able to get her video in front of the people who really determine what people see note 4 herunterladen momentan nicht möglich.

Reaching out to Brian at Kotaku  got much of the ball rolling instagram profile picture.

That lead to  Geek O Systems and Forum Posts about the video herunterladen.

Erin’s video is now embedded on more than 50 sites, (more than once on 4chan).

It has been rough, YouTube is filled with hate, and the people who play Video Games all day are even more hateful than most tax 2019 herunterladen. So while Erin has received more than 350 likes, 750 dislikes,  500 comments on YouTube, 250 Comments on Kotaku, 300 comments on 4chan.  That is a TON of feed back google sicherheitszertifikat herunterladen. Most all of it not nice. Going viral often means getting kick back from the audience, people are always very annoyed that someone “just like them” took the effort to do what it takes to get ahead, and they respond with nastiness kostenlose word programmen.

Despite all of negative the video is serving its purpose.  Erin is receiving job offers, and attention, and proving that she can make compelling content. Assuming the next 24 hours are as explosive as we expect, Erin will likely have changed her life pretty much overnight with a viral video.

If you want your video to go viral, contact me at . I have worked on dozens of the most famous viral campaigns in Europe, back before social media was even a term.