Beats Google PageSpeed At Its Own Game

So admittedly as the developer of CDN In A Box I am biased, but I wanted to check out what Google Could do.  What they could do was make my page slower christliche lieder zum downloaden kostenlos. Is Fast. It is really fast especially for the number of images it has. Typically the Ads are the thing that slow it down the most, and those are hosted by Google, so not much I can do about that.  I run WordPress behind CDN In A Box.  This effectively moves my WordPress on to Google’s AppEngine Infrastructure, giving it the benefit of multiple Points of Presence, Google’s Edge Cache, and the reliability of their servers herunterladen.

It also lets me optimize HTML, and Caching, and a laundry list of other things.  In fact on the Google Page Speed Assessment the only Issues are against Google Analytics Assets fortnite save the world for free.

So I didn’t really expect PageSpeeds to report that it could make me faster, but I also didn’t expect it to be slower herunterladen. It is slower by quite a lot.

11% to 180% slower

"My" version of the page takes 2.99 seconds to load on DSL, the Optimized takes 3.35.  My Best run was 2.8 seconds kindle pc herunterladen. Google’s best run was 3.06 seconds, which was slower than my worst run.


Looking at what the service does, it seems the only benefits are if you haven’t Minified your contents, or if you have loads of unused CSS photoshop software kostenlosen.

My problem with this is that it assumes my web developer was an idiot. I’m my web developer and I’m not an idiot, so this kind of annoys me microsoft store herunterladen.

If you did hire an idiot, this will likely make your site faster. I’m not sure that is a "fix" as much as a band aid.  Because Google has to make the fixes to every page that gets loaded, this solution seems like a big loser for Google video orf mediathek downloaden. Likely this is more a play to get more traffic on to Google’s servers so they can spend less on indexing.

In that regard CDN In A Box is guilty of helping Google be evil too message is currently not possible. But in the case of CDN In A Box you get to control what parts of your website get how much evil applied to them.