Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams Wants His Ring Back

Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a blueprint on how not to propose take a page from Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Roy Williams’ book. As a matter of fact, you may want to take notes as we count the ways Williams messed up and is now suing his former girlfriend for return of a would-be engagement ring whatsapp downloaden mac.

            According to reports, Williams had been living with Miss Texas USA 2009 Brooke Daniels for a year when he decided to propose in February talking angela herunterladen. He went ring shopping and came home with a $76,000 sparkler. At this point Williams was on the right track.

            Now we come to the proposal- and the first not so bright move on Williams’ part herunterladen.  Because he decided to take an unconventional tack in the actual proposal department. When I say unconventional, I don’t mean creative or corny amazon music like. Both of which generally win points. This was no proposal while mountain climbing or at her favorite karaoke bar. Nope. Not Roy Williams.

            For reasons that boggle the mind, Williams decided to tape the proposal and mail it to Daniels herunterladen. Because no woman can resist a proposal on tape. As an incentive, Daniels sent along the $76,000 ring! There’s no mention of what delivery service he chose for this task but I can’t imagine anything short of a team of mercenaries as sufficient google picasa download kostenlos deutsch. There’s not even a mention of whether Williams was smart enough to get delivery confirmation.

            Apparently Daniels did get the proposal and ring because she turned Williams down ralewayen. According to Daniels’ father Williams told her to keep the ring, assuming himself so irresistible that she would change her mind and accept.

            Big surprise here; she didn’t adobe reader sicher herunterladen. Williams eventually got the message and asked for the ring back. Things get a little hazy here, but it sounds like Daniels first refused to return the ring, then said she’d lost it herunterladen. (Note to Williams and all other men- don’t literally mail-in a proposal, let a woman keep the ring for weeks or months, then expect her to react gracefully when you finally realize you aren’t God’s gift and ask for the ring back.)

            I would be shocked that Williams believed Daniels, or any other woman for that matter, would actually lose a $76,000 ring simcity download kostenlos. But then, given his actions to this point why expect more than he can deliver? Williams filed a claim with his insurance company for reimbursement of the “lost” ring.

            Amazingly the insurance company found the ring wasn’t lost. It was in the possession of Daniels’ father, who claimed to have no idea it was supposedly missing. At this point Williams had two choices. Walk away from the soap opera-esque situation or file a formal suit to get the ring back.

            If he were any other working guy out there I’d understand filing a lawsuit. But this guy’s a professional football player. Even the players who aren’t that great make more in a year than I’ll see in 20. So in order to keep what is no doubt going to be an embarrassing saga under wraps, Williams should have acknowledged he was an idiot and let it go. That is not what happened. Either Williams’ wounded pride was worth the risk or the NFL lockout is hurting him in a major way because he filed a formal suit against Daniels to recover the ring.

            Will he get it back? Hard to say. Texas law says engagement rings fall under the conditional-gift rule. This rule basically says that should an engagement be broken, the law may require the ring be returned to Williams if he can prove Daniels was at fault for the breakup/refusal. If Daniels can prove Williams did something to cause her to refuse, or if she can prove he told her to keep the ring it may stay in her possession.

            No matter what happens, one hopes Roy Williams has learned at least two valuable lessons. First, never be lazy enough to mail a woman a proposal. Second, if you are dumb enough to mail the proposal don’t give her the ring until she says yes.