My Xbox Live Account Was Hacked, But A Hacker Can Never Do As Much Damage As An Admin Can

A hacker can steal your money, but it takes an admin to royally frak your account.  A Hacker took about $40 dollars worth of Xbox/Microsoft Points from me.  But Microsoft took 219 movies, a dozen games, numerous game add-ons, a virtual wardrobe, all my friends, and a record of more than 2000 hours of play herunterladen. They also took the back-ups of my photos, documents, and videos.  They broke the access to the ads I buy from Bing, and the ads from Microsoft that run on my website.  They erased my email history.  Now which would you value more highly office 356? $40, the 4+ hours I already have with tech support, or the loss of all that data and purchased content?

I sat down to my Xbox which is normally on, and logged in to Xbox Live.  It said it was disconnected from Xbox Live, which I figured meant my Comcast had been down for a few minutes, but when I selected “Connect to Xbox Live” it said that the profile was no longer valid, and that I would need to recover the account schlager zum downloaden kostenlos.

When doing the recover failed, I called Xbox Tech Support.

They had me do a recovery of the password using

After doing the recovery and logging in to Xbox, my account was blank showing only my screen name herunterladen.

My Zune Account was also wiped.  As an added bonus, I have no access to Microsoft PubCenter, or Microsoft Ad Center. My Skydrive, Mesh, and other Cloud Services are wiped as well print artist vollversion kostenlosen.

From Zune this means that my purchase of over 200 videos and numerous songs is wiped.

From Xbox all of my DLC content, Live Arcade Content, And Avatar clothing is gone itunes herunterladen 32 bit.

Xbox Says they will get back to me in 3-6 Weeks to determine IF (not when) they can recover my account. Still shows a record of all my purchases.  So at least there is a paper trail. 

But the support from Zune and Xbox has been crap iphone app to download music for free.

Zune Support Ticket Number: 1159847019

Xbox Support Ticket Number:1159828458

This is my rant after 2 hours on the phone with tech support furniture drawing program for free.

As I get more support tickets I’ll likely add them here.  I figure maybe I’ll get lucky and someone with the power to help will reach out to me herunterladen.

My phone number is on the tickets.