Can’t Find A Date For Saturday Night? That’s Nothing, You’re Probably Going To Die Young Anyway.

As if attending every social event without a “plus one” and having to deal with your mother’s not so subtle hints about never having grandchildren, now it turns out that being single may lead to an earlier death herr der ringe fonten for free.

            According to the results of a recent study performed by researchers at the University of Louisville, Ky., men and women who never marry may face the cheery sentence of death a decade or more earlier than their married counterparts Download apps. Over 90 previous studies comprising 500 million people were analyzed for life expectancy of singles- those who never married- versus married groups. The singles clearly lost out herunterladen.

            Single men could die eight to 17 years earlier than their married friends while women have slightly better odds videos gratisen. A single woman could die seven to 15 years earlier than a married woman the same age.

            The reasons why are varied but some of it comes down to all that nagging and whining your married friends complain about etka download deutsch kostenlos. How many times has your married pal told you about how his wife keeps making him visit the doctor for his back, his snoring, etc.? By the same token, how often do single women hear their married friends go on about their doc’s advice on fertility logisim herunterladen?

            Married couples naturally encourage each other to be healthier. Spouses are more likely to encourage each other to eat better and exercise neueste version von java herunterladen. Plus, they pay more attention to the other’s health and encourage regular visits to healthcare providers. And during their childbearing years, married women are even more likely to take care of their health in order to have healthy children gntm.

            There’s also the issue of income. Generally speaking, a married couple brings home more money than a single person does, automatically improving quality of life ics mutaties. Married couples are also more likely to have access to better health insurance and other health related benefits.

            But before you start thinking about grabbing the next mouth breather who stumbles through and rushing to a justice of the peace just to add to your life expectancy, you might want to stop and consider android images from google. According to the study, if you can make it to 39 as a healthy single, your chance of a long life go up. Through age 39, you have a 128 percent higher chance of death than your married brethren. After that the numbers start decreasing. If you can make it to 70 as a single, you’re only 17 percent more likely to die than a happily married 70-year-old.

            Of course, that 128 percent thing doesn’t sound so great….. But it might still be better than dealing with an idiot for the rest of your much longer life.

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