Children’s Movies Guaranteed to Ruin a Parent’s Day

I was recently watching Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” with my daughter. She’s seen it a few times but has just started to really pay attention the way kids will word program download for free. Suddenly she’s quoting lines and singing songs from the movie all day long. She’s also noticed that Ray the lightning bug dies.

            For those who haven’t seen the movie, Ray gets stepped on (you don’t see it but you get the view of the foot and the sound effect) and later dies and is given a funeral by his fellow swamp denizens videos from the browser. Normally what I get out of this is, “he’s sick Mom?”

            Well, a few days ago she got the memo that he wasn’t just sick microsoft solitaire collection download for free. So I got to have the death talk. Now it’s not one of the tougher talks to have with your kids and it’s about the right time to explain the whole thing herunterladen. Plus, my daughter took it pretty well. Of course, she’s a little confused about the Ray turning into a star thing and at the moment thinks all stars are dead people, but we’ll deal with that later herunterladen.

            The experience got me thinking about the kid’s movies I watched when I was her age and how they affected me itunes on mac. Looking back on it, kid’s movies really aren’t all that friendly. Especially some of the Disney offerings.

            First there’s “Bambi.” I won’t lie, I still can’t watch that movie and my daughter hasn’t seen it google for free german. Dad’s out of the picture, Mom gets shot, there’s a raging forest fire….that’s going to give a kid nightmares for sure in one way or another Download audiobooks for adults for free. Whose bright idea was that storyline anyway?

            Then there’s “Old Yeller.” Family fun for everyone in this movie herunterladen. Maybe the 1950s, when the film was made, were a tougher time. They probably were. But still, a movie revolving around the relationship between a devoted Labrador retriever and the family that comes to love him- just so he can contract rabies and they can shoot him- is brutal herunterladen. And unnecessary. Couldn’t the dog have been mauled by a pack of wolves and then miraculously healed by that cute chubby faced kid from “Swiss Family Robinson?” I know it’s not realistic but, hey, Disney.

            Then there’s “Dumbo.” Walt was really on a roll here. Should we hit on all that cruelty to animals, the awful scene between baby Dumbo and his imprisoned Mom or the way Dumbo and his mother are taunted basically throughout the whole movie by people and their fellow animals? There are so many ways to go here. Basically, it’s a painful movie with some cute characters and a nice ending. Needless to say this is another one my daughter hasn’t seen since I’m fairly sure she’d cry for a week if she did.

            Disney doesn’t have a lock on kid’s movies that aren’t really for kids. At least not young kids. Technically speaking “The Dark Crystal” is a children’s movie. So is “The Secret of Nimh.” Both movies involve violent death and enslavement. There are scary scenes, evil rats, animal cruelty and experimentation…you get the idea. Most kids would not make it through either of these movies. Most parents wouldn’t want their children to try.

            My Father, bless him, wasn’t one of those parents so I truly can’t remember how old I was when I started watching either of these movies. For some reason neither of them ever scared me or my brothers, while none of us has fond memories of “Bambi” or “Old Yeller.” This doesn’t mean I’ll be crazy enough to let my daughter watch them any time soon.

            I think we’ll stick to “The Princess and the Frog”- which I like for the message- along with other classics like “The Wizard of Oz.” After all, what’s so bad about a cackling witch and flying monkeys?

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