Five Types of Single Guys Who Should Be Dateable But Aren’t.

            I read an article recently profiling five types of eligible men who for various reasons remain single. It was sent to me by a friend who helpfully pointed out that I’ve dated four of the five types and maybe that’s why I’m still single. I really hate those smug in-a-relationship friends.

            But as I read I was forced to admit she was right about one thing. I know these guys. In some cases a bit more thoroughly than I’d like. Luckily I have a healthy sense of humor about these things. This is not to say I’m letting the woman who dresses herself and her boyfriend in matching sweatshirts give me romantic advice engel und teufel kostenlos downloaden. I can just admit and appreciate when she hits on a little bit of truth.

            Since I don’t think I’m the only one who’s run into-and wasted her time on- at least one of these guys, I feel the need to share the types and what you’re in for if you tie yourself to one.

            First is “The Workaholic.” He’s smart, funny and accomplished. He sleeps with his phone and laptop, works all weekend every weekend, hasn’t seen anyone but coworkers and work friends in months, can’t tell you the last time he went to a movie or dinner when it wasn’t work-related, etc.

            These guys have set major goals for themselves and are on the fast track. They don’t have time for relationships steam cs go herunterladen. When you’re dating one of these guys- assuming you can get them to the “dating” stage- most of your relationship is conducted via phone.

            You get used to the words, “I really want to, but…” You also get used to leaving voicemails, sending texts they don’t respond to and having plans canceled repeatedly. Don’t worry, there’s always a really great reason you can’t get any time with him. A convention, meeting, trade show, the list can go on forever. Eventually you realize what it really amounts to is that the guy you’d willingly make a couple hours available for once a week doesn’t think you’re worth the same amount of effort herunterladen.

            Oh sure, he likes you well enough. Don’t get him wrong. You’re fun to be with, have tons in common, blah blah blah. He’s just in a race with himself to some far off goal and doesn’t think he can get there if he’s weighted down with an annoying, time sucking girlfriend. (That would be you, in case you didn’t catch it.)

            Never mind the fact that you most likely aren’t all that demanding. Because really, would you even have bothered trying to date this guy if you were? He sees anything that pulls him away from his all-important project of the moment as not worth it seemannslieder kostenlosen.

            What this type doesn’t get is that the two things are not mutually exclusive. You can have both a career and a relationship and be successful at it. Both are about dedication and prioritization. Scheduling life never works and there will never be a time when he’s “better situated” for a relationship. What he also doesn’t understand is that by the time he reaches his Big Goal, he’s still going to be alone at the end of the day. Which means he can celebrate reaching that lofty height by ordering a pizza and watching reruns of The Office by himself.

            So ladies what you’re ultimately facing by dating-or trying to date- a workaholic is not only being second best, but falling somewhere between Clean the Bathroom and Take Out the Trash on this guy’s list of priorities ebook for free german illegal. Having been there, please believe that eventually it gets depressing and old feeling like an afterthought at best.

            Type number two is “The Shy Guy.” These guys may have a lot going for them from looks to brains, they just don’t have the confidence to get out there and meet someone. So they’re hard to catch and tend to stay single.  

            I have to admit, I like this particular type in the same way I have a fondness for the puppy who’s the runt of the litter. They tend to be incredibly appreciative of anything you do relationship-wise and very thoughtful. This is the guy who won’t forget your anniversary, birthday, favorite color or favorite song. They also haven’t dated a lot so you’re not dealing with baggage inflicted by the women who came before you.

            The problem here tends to be twofold herunterladen. First, you end up giving them that baggage. Whether you mean to or not, it’s going to happen. For example, I tend to be forgetful about dates so things like anniversaries are tough for me. Not to mention I think it’s asinine to celebrate a one or six month anniversary. What are we celebrating? The fact that we’ve put up with each other for a few weeks? Yippee. Come back and ask me to celebrate when we’ve opted not to kill each other for at least 12 consecutive months.

            Obviously problem number two for me with shy guys is I tend to not be sensitive enough for them. You really have to be a hearts, flowers and little gray kittens girl to stay with this guy without being forced into a sugar induced coma. I like flowers as much as the next girl, but not enough to make a relationship with the traditional Nice Guy type work anno 1800 where to download.

            As a group the nice guys tend to idealize relationships as well, which can be tough to keep up when you have the flu and have been living on the couch for three days.

            Type three is “The Too-Picky Guy.” We all know this one. He’s looking to date Giselle but resembles Mr. Magoo and somehow is still hanging on to delusions of relationship grandeur. There’s not much that can be said about this type that can’t be summed up in two words. And those words are “moron” and “run.”

            Because even if you happen to be a dead ringer for the super model or actress of his choice, you won’t always be bluetooth for laptop for free german. You’ll get a little older, you’ll gain 10 pounds and Mr. Picky will be out the door.

            I’ve accidentally dated this guy and as soon as you realize he’s paying more attention to what you’re wearing and what the current styles are than you happen to be, it’s time to run. There is no redeeming quality in this type until he gets a reality check.

            Now we come to type number four, “The Party Guy.” This is the one who’s well into his thirties but doesn’t consider it a successful weekend unless he’s drunk or hung over for most of it. The Party Guy also tends to have more “friends with benefits” than actual friends.

            I can honestly say I’ve stayed away from this type because you can’t even accidentally end up dating this guy. You can see and hear him coming a mile away. He’s usually the one at the center of the party making the most noise and the biggest idiot of himself herunterladen. You can’t tell if he has brain cell one because he has no interest in holding a conversation with you. Unless he happens to think he’ll get something out of it.

            Unlike the Too Picky Guy, Party Guy is redeemable. Eventually these guys do tend to realize they’re the loneliest popular guy in the room. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to happen until about 40, so if you’re crazy about a party guy you’re in for a wait. And you’re going to be sharing him in the meantime- a lot.

            Moving on, type number four is “The None of the Above Guy.” He doesn’t fit into any real category but is still single nonetheless java runtime environment herunterladen. According to what I read this guy is Mr. Normal, but just hasn’t had that serendipity moment. You know the one, when you drop something on the sidewalk, you both bend over to pick it up and bump heads….wait, that’s a John Cusack movie.

            And since we all know John Cusack movies are great to watch when you’re depressed (boom box anyone?) but total crap as a reflection of real life, I don’t buy this type. I think this guy is actually that vanilla guy you overlook and that’s why he’s really single.

            He’s nice, but not too sweet. He’s not cocky or particularly funny or drop dead handsome. He’s just that middle of the road decent guy we tend to walk right by on the way to one of these other idiots who don’t deserve us. He’s maybe a little desperate from being overlooked, which makes women wonder what’s wrong with him. This in turn makes us walk away.

            Ladies, that’s a mistake. I think this is the man we should be looking for. The one who may not seem like much but will be decent and appreciative without driving you crazy or ignoring you. And he’ll more than likely let you give him a makeover which will probably take care of that average in the looks department issue. We all know what the right haircut and clothes can do.

            This is not to say I take my own advice. Because I’ve dated Mr. None of the Above too and as I’m still single, that obviously didn’t work out. Still, there’s always next time….

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