Google Doodle Honors Jim Henson at 75

I must admit I don’t usually pay attention to the whole Google Doodle thing. OK, it’s a holiday theme or someone’s birthday or Hug a Cactus day or whatever. Thanks for letting me know but I’m here for other reasons.

However, Google has totally won me over with today’s Google Doodle celebrating Jim Henson’s 75th birthday. First of all, I love the Muppets. Not so much the Sesame Street Muppets- they always annoyed me. Yes, there are five yellow bananas, five yellow bananas, can we move on? But give me Kermit and crew any day of the week.

So I spent an embarrassing amount of time playing with the Google Doodle today. As a matter of fact I keep going back even as I write this. I can call it research. Plus I laugh every time the red one (or the “e”) eats the tall one (the “l”). Every. Single. Time. What’s not funny about Muppet cannibalism?

The Doodle makes you the puppet master by allowing you to choose the puppet of your choice and make him take various actions. All will open and close their mouths, their eyes move, look left, right, up and down. You can’t actually make the red one eat the striped one, that’s just something that happens every so often, like a bonus.

I’m not the only one who likes the latest Google Doodle effort. Fans have made it popular on various search engines and there’s even a hilarious Muppet karaoke using the Doodle.

Most of the time I don’t understand how Google chooses whom and what to honor with a Doodle. Marie Curie was very important, but did I need to observe her birthday? Honoring Jim Henson with a Muppet Google Doodle is actually pretty inspired however. It seems like something Henson himself might have dreamed up.

Henson would have been 75 on September 24. His creative mind, not to mention hands and voice, have contributed to generations of children’s learning and enjoyment through Sesame Street and The Muppets. He brought us Big Bird, Oscar, Kermit, Fozzy and so many more of the furry, fuzzy, funny characters we all grew up with and loved.

Google Doodle launched in 2009 and has become a popular, and increasingly more evolved, feature ever since. This year, in addition to the Muppet Doodle, Google has offered a playable guitar marking Les Paul’s birthday and a video tribute to Freddie Mercury of Queen.