Patti Stanger, “Millionaire Matchmaker,” Shares Some Incredibly Shallow Dating Tips

I was killing time recently by clicking around reading various articles which caught my eye. One was an interview with “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger regarding dating tips for women mac os lion download kostenlos. When I finished reading I couldn’t make up my mind whether I was disgusted or amused so I decided to run these tips by Sam, who happens to fall into the ‘wealthy bachelor’ category mp3 consisteden van youtube. Here’s what he had to say.

Stanger’s Tip: Women should always have straight hair if they want to catch a successful man. It “signifies opulent wealth and sophistication” according to Stanger kindle unlimited b├╝cher herunterladen.

Sam’s Take: “Why should I care if a woman’s hair is straight? Yours is curly and it’s pretty.”

(Personal Note: This is why I love Sam.)

Stanger’s Tip: Never be a redhead bus simulator vollversion kostenlos downloaden. According to Stanger the only men who like redheads are Irish Catholic, the other males won’t go near them.

Sam’s Take: “This is a serious tip herunterladen? Sure not all guys are into red hair, but not all of us like blondes, either. This woman has her own show?”

Stanger’s Tip: Grow your hair out epson scanner download kostenlos. Men like longer hair on a woman they’re dating.

Sam’s Take: “OK, well personally, I agree. I like longer hair but that’s my own preference whatsapp zum herunterladen kostenlos. I’m sure there are men who don’t.”

Stanger’s Tip: Don’t go out with your girlfriends hoping to meet a guy. Go to a bar on your own, read a mutual gender book, know the score on the TV, order a hors d’oeuvre and look unconcerned and approachable snipping tool kostenlosen.

Sam’s Take: “I agree with the first part. That girl pack thing is just scary and has been since junior high. The second part, I don’t know movies on ps4. It just seems like instructions on how to bait a trap. Since I’m the one getting trapped, I’m not sure I like that.”

Stanger’s Tip: Women think men just need to get to know them to like them taschenkalender selber machen kostenlos herunterladen. In reality, men decide right away. “Men are microwaves, women are crockpots.” If a man isn’t interested right away he’s not going to be.

Sam’s Take: “You’re trying to trick me with this one, aren’t you? If I say she’s right I’m a pig and you hit me. OK, I know if I’m attracted to a woman right away. But if she’s not smart and interesting then I’m not going to stay attracted so the first impression doesn’t always work out. Does that make me a non-pig?”

For the record, I gave him a pass on his answer to the last tip.

I had to wonder what made Patti Stanger so qualified to hand out these little pearls of wisdom and why we should feel the need to follow them. So I looked up her backstory.

Stanger is a third generation matchmaker who started her own matchmaking company prior to signing on for Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.” She graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and spent several years working in the fashion industry prior to opening her matchmaking business. Stanger met her former fiancé through a matchmaker and later broke off the engagement.

To review, Patti Stanger spent years in the fashion industry, didn’t get a degree in psychology or sociology and is single. But apparently feels the need to hand out advice to men and women about how to “snare” a wealthy mate. Even though she herself hasn’t done so and has no certified background that would indicate she’s qualified to give such advice.

Oh, but wait, she’s a third generation matchmaker. That must be all the qualification Stanger needs. That and a public full of men and women apparently desperate enough to believe what she says.