Surviving Weddings As A Single Guest

Weddings are designed to celebrate couple hood. Invitations go out  to “John/Jane Doe Plus One,” seating at tables is arranged in even numbers, most dances are couples dances, the garter and bouquet toss are designed to choose the next two to become a couple…the list goes on and on Download and install ubuntu. While that’s all well and good for those who are actually part of a couple, everyone else has to figure out how to avoid all those awkward wedding-related moments singles face adobe flashen.

Here are a few tried and tested avenues for surviving a wedding as a single guest.

The easiest way to avoid being single at a wedding is to simply not be single youtube videos to mp3en. Find a friend and beg, plead or pay them to attend the wedding with you. Your family and friends won’t bother you about when you’re going to start seeing someone, you’ll have a dinner partner you know you can speak to, drunken members of the wedding party won’t fall all over you and you’ll have an automatic dance partner vw bordbuch herunterladen. One who isn’t dancing with you out of pity or hoping to get wedding sex.

There is one major downfall to asking a friend to be your date. You absolutely must make sure this person is firmly, completely in the Friend Zone with you ringtone iphone. Otherwise bad things will happen. There is little worse than having an apparently decent time at a wedding reception with a friend only to get to the end of the night and have that friend try to make a move virtual dj kostenlos downloaden. Not only will this negate all the trouble you avoided by having a date, it will add a new level of awkwardness and embarrassment to the evening and possibly damage what you thought was a solid friendship where to download dvd cover.

If you don’t have access to a friend you trust to be your date, the second best thing is to bring a child with you. If you don’t have your own borrow a niece, nephew, god child, friend’s kid, that cute toddler next door, any kid will do apple app herunterladen. This child is your automatic out for any conversation, dance, or wedding event that may come up.

Do you want to avoid getting shoved onto the middle of the dance floor with all the other single women so the men in the crowd can get a good look at who to go after later psp spiele legalen? Just excuse yourself because little Janie has to go potty. Avoiding Great Aunt Sue and her endless biological clock jokes? Gee, you’d love to talk, but Joey really wants a piece of that wedding cake photo instagram.

The excuses are really endless. You won’t be able to dance with the best man and his wandering hands because Janie spilled punch and has to be cleaned up. Explaining why you’re still single would really be so very much fun, but you’ve misplaced Joey and have to find him. Plus, if you want to leave early, all you have to do is invoke bedtime.

Not interested in a fake date or going to a wedding where children aren’t welcome? Don’t fear there are a few other ideas that work.

Make yourself indispensable to the bride or groom. Problem with the cake? You’ll take care of it. The bride or groom forgot the wedding party gifts? No problem, you’ll go get them. It keeps you too busy to worry about all that couples-related stuff and out of the line of fire of well-meaning and nosey family and friends.

If that’s not an option, find a friend you can trust to play rescuer. Work out a red alert signal between you. That way when you’re being chatted up by a fellow wedding guest whose idea of fascinating conversation includes NASCAR stats, you’ll have a way out. If you think this suggestion is too James Bond, then it’s obvious you’ve never been stuck speaking to a redneck with a Dale Earnhardt obsession.

Just remember to choose a friend you can count on. This plan hinges on your picking someone you can trust, who won’t leave you hanging. Don’t choose the pal who’s going to ditch you in favor of their own wedding-related diversions.

Surviving a joyous occasion such as a wedding and being single can be done. It just takes a little more forethought than usual. While this may not be fair, it’s worth it to avoid the annoyance of being forced to deal with privacy invasions, handsy fellow guests and being a third wheel.