The Danger of Watching a Canceled TV Series, or Why I Shouldn’t Have Watched CBS’ “Jericho”

I just finished watching the series “Jericho” and I’m not too happy about it.

“Jericho” was a series starring Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney on CBS a few years ago suits downloaden. I remember seeing the ads for it and thinking it was an interesting idea. Small mid-western town tries to survive after the majority of the United States has been wiped out by terrorists with nuclear bombs netflix serie downloaden ipad. I didn’t watch it much, probably because the time it was on didn’t work for me or I just forgot. I’m good at that.

Apparently no one else watched it either logo maken gratis downloaden. Or maybe no one could stand the concept of terrorists with nuclear weapons succeeding in an attack so soon after 9/11. Who knows? Either way the network decided “Jericho” was a dud and canceled it prime serien auf mac downloaden.

“Jericho’s” fans fought back and they did it in a really creative way. During the first season the characters make a couple of references to a WWII story about the battle of Bastogne and the phrase “Nuts.” Being a WWII fanatic I was thrilled by the fact it was incorporated in the show microsoft teams herunterladen kostenlos.

 Fans must’ve felt the same way because they used it to protest the cancellation of “Jericho.” They sent nuts to the network kinder app kostenlos herunterladen. Peanuts. Lots and lots and lots of peanuts. The cool thing is that it actually worked. CBS agreed to release a second season- but made it clear that if ratings didn’t go up, the series was a goner for good youtube musik downloaden fürs handy.

Sadly, ratings did not improve. The show was killed and that was that.

Until I ran across “Jericho” a few weeks ago on Netflix praat kostenlos download. I had a vague memory of being interested in it and decided to give it a try. I was hooked from the first five minutes on. This was an awesome show, why had I never watched it before spiele kostenlos downloaden kinder? The characters were interesting, the concept was solid, great plot, good acting, what’s not to love?

I finished watching the 29th and final episode this morning with my friend Sam videos direkt aus dem browser herunterladen. I got to the end and just sort of stared at the screen. That was it? What happened to the bomb? Did they really expose the false government? Which side did Texas take? I had to know these things.

Meanwhile, Sam just got off the couch, said he was hungry and asked where I wanted to go for lunch. Lunch? Are you kidding? I was having a crisis. I needed to know what happened to these people. It’s like getting halfway through a book and then finding the last half blank.

Sam took all this in and calmly, then asked if I hadn’t known the series ended without a conclusion.

Well, yes, of course I knew. I just didn’t know I’d be so annoyed when it actually stopped. I hate it when people are reasonable and I don’t want to be.

After thinking about this, I respectfully request that networks give us endings to these shows when they decide to cancel them. They’ve already got the money invested, the actors and crew are still there, would it really hurt to add one last installment to let fans know how things turned out? I think not.

Sadly, this is not to be with “Jericho.” So I ended up with a little hope as there’s talk of a film, a lot of questions and a slight crush on Skeet Ulrich- but only if he’s ever in a situation where he’s helping lead a town out of a post-apocalyptic mess.