How To Be A Billionaire: Questions And Answers From Bill Gates at U-Dub

Bill Gates made an appearance at University of Washington and took questions from students and staff, varying from how to be a billionaire to his thoughts on politics, health and the world in general videobearbeitungsprogramm kostenlosen.

Lazowska: Politics and role of web?

Gates: People do wonder if this polarization does come from the Fox News phenomenon, listening to people we agree with herunterladen. Web does allow us to dig into topics. The U.S. tax code is so complex that you don’t know where to be outraged. Volcker rule. 400 pages. I’m going to read it wie audible hörbuch herunterladen. Health care reform bill is 2300 pages. I’m not going to read it. Complexity, fact that we can’t talk directly about issues means we talk about personalities netflixen samsung tv. Internet offers chance to dive deeper. I tend to still be optimistic.

Student question: Thoughts on health care reform?

How To Be A Billionaire: Questions And Answers From Bill Gates at U-DubGates: I know a lot more about malaria and hash tables fable 3 kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. I like hash tables and I dislike malaria. But health care reform important because cost trends are such that we’re going to be denying people care. That’s horrific audible gifted audiobook. Governor’s budget proposal will cut funding to UW. There’s many steps in the causation, but rising medical costs is a core piece of what’s going on minecraft download kostenlos deutsch vollversion für android. You have to take innovation and make it your friend, to result in lower cost in health care.

Student question: Robotics. How will it play out to improve world hoe kan ik spider solitaire?

Gates: Robots clean the rug today, and disarm bombs. Term robot is unusual. Tend to apply to something that moves on its own. When it comes to things like doing physical security or transport having cheap robots really can improve the world, do fantastic things gespeicherte videos facebook downloaden. One of people he brainstorms with at Nathan Myhrvold’s company thinks robots should be there whenever somebody needs a c-section. When you talk about making things less expensive the robot can perform a lot of functions qr code reader kostenlos herunterladen.

Student question. What advice to someone like me to become someone like you?

Gates: I didn’t start out with dream of being super-rich. Even after we started Microsoft he looked at guys running Intel and thought, wow, that must be strange (to be rich). It is, sort of strange. Wealth above a certain level is a responsibility to leave to children, which may or may not be good, or figure out how to give it away. I can understand wanting to have a million dollars, it’s freedom, but once you get beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger. Dick’s doesn’t raise their prices. But being ambitious is good.

Student question on negative impact of technology.

Gates. Should always measure good and bad. But look back to printing press. But I haven’t seen any evidence of any significance that socialization has broken down in any bad way. With Skype meet daughter’s boyfriend’s parents when I walk in her bedroom. Socialization is changing. When I was young and wanted to know about fertilizer, if World Book didn’t have answer, he was out of luck. Now he and his kids can learn things online together. Some issues generally with privacy, video games, pornography, but overwhelmingly we’ve got lots of positive things.

Student: Personal computer then Internet now smartphone. What future?

Gates: Difference between phone and PC is size of screen and input technique. The next generation is either a screen that you can fold out to any size you want, like a scroll, or more likely it’s simply projecting on to your retina. If I have a projection ability. Eventually going to laugh at weird contraptions called screens. All you’ve got to do is put something on your eye.