Children Of The Digital Divide: Arrington May Be Racist But Soledad O’Brian Is A Hate Monger

I’m with Arrington, I don’t know a single black entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.  All the ones I know are married. I might go a step further though kostenlose bilder herunterladen. I don’t know too many black people living in Silicon Valley, at least not "the Silicon Valley" we think about.  Yes, I consider the owner of Calvin’s Philly Cheese Steak a Friend, he was an entrepreneur in San Jose, but not the kind we talk about as being "in Silicon Valley".  The truth is there are fewer blacks in tech toy blast kostenlos herunterladen.

This isn’t because of racial discrimination, at least not the overt kind.  It is a product of the digital divide.  I’m 32 and was raised in rural America herunterladen. That should put me on the wrong side of the digital divide.  Certainly amongst those I went to high school with I am one of the few to go in to the tech space.  My father introduced me to tech at a young age and that made me one of the digitally privileged, in a community that wasn’t herunterladen.

Most African-American communities, and I point to these because the population of the US is not homogenous, tend to not have the digital infrastructure of primarily white communities.  Schools with higher populations of black students are less likely to have high technology ratios.  All of these things disadvantage blacks in terms of access to technology during their formative years.  My innate skills in tech are because I grew up with it ds audio lieder herunterladen. It is second nature. I speak PHP and Python with greater attention to language structure than I do English. There are many day’s I think better in digital than analog, and I reach for a Keyboard to take a note, not a pen word rechtschreibprüfung herunterladen.

Arrington May Be Racist But Soledad O'Brian Is A Hate MongerMichael Arrington was ambushed.  I can’t tell you if Arrington is racist, I suspect not, but Soledad O’Brian is a hate monger herunterladen. Soledad wanted to spin the interview to tarnish the white males that dominate the tech space. It may be our parent’s fault that the digital divide also falls along race lines, but it isn’t ours.  We had access harry potter games for free. That is what made us better.  There is no "black Bill Gates" because there are very few black technologists as old as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs folder from google drive ipad.

One of my dad’s best friends was a Black Employee of IBM, and his daughter is doing quite well for herself. She is not Bill Gates, but she is like me 30 something and finding herself in a role that is much better than her Midwestern classmates.  It will take time for the playing field to even out.  As more kids start with technology at a younger age the skill in technology will start to even out between demographics, but right now foliendesign powerpoint download kostenlos. Web 1.0 and early 2.0 companies are dominated by what we think of as the typical geek. Nerdy White Males who are whiter than average because they don’t go outside as much as they should.

The pendulum is swinging the opposite way for much of rural America.  Growing up my access to technology was in the home, and you could learn in a silo. There was no Internet, and that hasn’t changed.  When I go back to my parents I suffer at the slow sub 1 megabit Internet, and I know that only because we had a very geeky entrepreneur in our home town a few decades back that there is a Wireless ISP to deliver Internet to cow pastures that don’t get cable, and are too far for DSL.

Urban America has greater access to cheap scalable Internet, so schools in middle income middle America that were starting to turn out many of the Geeky white kids who are the Web 2.0 leaders are likely to be surpassed by the kids on the East and West coasts in more urban schools. But ultimately,  MIT on the East and Stanford on the West will determine the ratios of entrepreneurs.  Their ratios of White, Asian, Hispanics, and Blacks are mirrored 6-10 years later in the shark tanks of Silicon Valley VC pitch rooms.  20 years later they determine how the board rooms will look, and somewhere in the middle they determine the make up of the average engineering team at startups and incubators.