It\’s The End Of The World….Again. What Will You Do Before the October 21 Apocalypse?

The end of the world will take place on October 21 according to 89-year-old radio evangelist Harold Camping. You may remember Camping predicted this would happen last May and, well, here we all still are. But Camping’s really, really sure he’s right this time. The world is absolutely coming to a violent but mercifully swift end on October 21 arte mediathek film download.

Camping had said May 11 would bring the apocalypse. When nothing happened he backtracked, claiming it had been an “invisible” judgment day. Meaning that for all intents and purposes, our fates are sealed folks. You’re either headed to heaven or hell and the decision’s been made herunterladen.

Let’s assume for a moment that Camping, who has actually predicted a world dissolving cataclysm twice already, gets a little third time’s the charm luck on this one. What will you do with your last days on planet Earth? Will you make them count, have fun, get even? The possibilities are endless and with our celestial tickets already punched; do we really have to worry about the consequences of the actions we choose to take free step counter?

If you’re one of those people who fulfills every obligation, never misses work, drives the speed limit and doesn’t wear white after Labor Day, maybe it’s time to let all that go. Now’s the time to try out sky diving, buy the impractical sports car you’ve always wanted, climb Mt. Everest or max out your well under the limit credit card on that fantasy trip to Europe radio app download for free. Sure, it would be years before you’d get out of debt but who cares? You’ve got days left to enjoy yourself. If you’re ever going to seize the moment this is it.

What about all those people who have spent their entire adult lives on a diet and sweating away five days a week at the gym? You know who you are winter resort simulator mods herunterladen. You smell bread but don’t eat it, fear carbs, secretly dream about apple pie and chocolate cake but haven’t touched fork to either since you were 10. Well what are you waiting for? It’s officially the end of the world, calories and clogged arteries be damned.

Go buy every single flavor of Ben & Jerry’s you’ve been drooling over for years lg instructions and user manuals. Call the Olive Garden and order a bucket of breadsticks and half the entrée menu to go. On your way home, stop at the Cheesecake Factory to pick up the 10 items you ordered from their dessert menu. Sure, you’ll gain 50 pounds overnight and probably need your stomach pumped. But you’ve been depriving yourself for years and this is your last chance to eat food not approved by Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig ruftonen.

Have you been laboring day in and day out at a job you tolerate for a boss you loath? You said nothing when he gave you a hard time for taking two whole days off when your grandmother died. Kept your mouth shut during that annual review when he let you know that even though you’re the most accomplished employee, you just aren’t going to get the raise you deserve because your education level doesn’t merit it tlauncher herunterladen. It’s time to tell that pompous, no talent, brown nosing hack what you really think if him. You won’t have a job as of October 21 anyway so go out with a bang.

By the same token maybe your evil mother-in-law needs to get what was coming to her too. You’ve spent untold hours enduring her passive aggressive insults and snide remarks because you love your spouse and for reasons you can’t fathom, your spouse loves the hateful old bat minecraft kostenlos ohne. But no more. If the end of the world isn’t the best time to tell her how you really feel about her when is? Not to mention you already know she has a special seat reserved over some hot coals so you most likely won’t be seeing her in the afterlife either.

There are most likely several former romantic partners you’d like to call up or face down but choose the best of the worst. After all, you’ve only got a little time left and you don’t want to waste too much of it on this person as you’ve presumably wasted quite a bit on them already eigenes facebook video herunterladen. Choose the one who stole from you or cheated on you. The one who divorced you for a secretary half your age or only dated you as an adult to fulfill an old high school crush. If you chose to be the bigger person and never let them know how hurt and betrayed you felt, now’s the time. You’ll literally never have another chance.

Speaking of telling someone how you feel, approaching the person you’re secretly crazy about might not be a bad way to go. Think about it. If they share your feelings, your relationship will never leave the honeymoon phase. And if they don’t you won’t really have time to be embarrassed. So choose the way that works best for you, whether it’s the trench coat and heels approach or poetry composition and take a chance. According to Mr. Camping, there will literally never be another time.

If Camping happens to be wrong and October 22 dawns as usual, look on the bright side. You might be broke, jobless, obese, slightly embarrassed or stuck with someone who-now that the world’s not ending- annoys you beyond belief. But it could be worse, Camping could’ve been right.