Popular Halloween Costumes For 2011

Whether choosing a Halloween costume for a child or yourself this Halloween, you’ll either want to go with the flow and make a popular choice or run against the herd and be unique whatsapp videos silvester kostenlos downloaden. Here are some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for 2011.

Zombies: Vampires and werewolves are no longer new and interesting. Now it’s all about the zombie eismann app herunterladen. Perhaps because the Twilight fad is waning, or perhaps due to the popularity of zombie-themed movies and television shows such as AMC’s The Walking Dead herunterladen. Either way if you opt for a Halloween costume featuring a bloodthirsty prom queen or zombified construction worker, you’ll be in good company smule song herunterladen.

Mad Men: Every Halloween brings a reflection of the season’s most popular shows in costume form. This year AMC’s Mad Men is going to be a major influence pdf creator chip for free. Not only because it’s an extremely hot show but because the 1960s style is cheap to imitate.

Monster High: Girls who in years past wanted to dress up as their favorite Hannah Montana or High School Musical character now want to imitate these characters ev3. Monster High follows the exploits of the teen children of famous movie monsters. Girls will want to be Cleo De Nille or Frankie Stein.

Superheroes: Another year, another crop of superhero movies and corresponding Halloween costumes youtubeer kostenlos musik. This year’s top picks are Captain America, Green Lantern and any character from The Transformers, but especially Bumblebee.

Idiots of the Year: If they made morons of themselves in the last 12 months, you can bet they’ll be popular costume choices quad bilder kostenlos downloaden. What frat boy is going to pass up the chance to be a drunken Charlie Sheen? Other celebrity-types who’ve been idiot enough to rate the dubious honor of having Halloween spoof costumes of them this year include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Weiner sunset images to download.

The Black Swan: Girls still want to be ballerinas. It’s an easy costume and simple to customize. Plus you get to wear a really pretty feather mask pdf24 drucker kostenlos.

80s and 90s Characters: Think of all those toys you had as a child. Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, Care Bears, the Ghost Busters, He Man and any Super Mario Bros. character. Everything old is new again for adults and kids alike.

Some people will still choose to go with the classics regardless of what’s popular. Disney characters will always be big sellers for kids. Harry Potter still has a lot of pull in the Halloween costume department as well. Plus there’s never any shortage of angels, devils or ghosts. And some of us will get talked into going out as classic movie characters. Which means the search for the perfect ruby slippers to go with the little blue and white checked pinafore.