How To Avoid Cellphone Brain Cancer: Mandatory Documentation In California Cellphone Stores

Lots of studies have been done to prove or disprove that cellphones cause brain cancer, but those studies haven’t resulted in any proof that they do.  In fact the FCC believes there is no correlation.  That isn’t preventing California from legislating that shops that sell cellphones from placing plaques that say otherwise rechtenvrije foto'sen.

The Northern District Court agreed that there was no evidence that mobiles cause cancer, and that the flyer and poster the city intended to mandate would oblige shopkeepers to express an opinion with which they disagreed wolfenstein 3den. However, the court also suggested that a better-worded warning might be acceptable, as long as it was clear that the opinions presented were not those of the shopkeeper, the FCC or the vast majority of reputable scientists.  In effect the city is still able to mandate a flier that no one other than protesters believe is true stickmotive for.

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California Wants To Put Warnings That Cellphones Might Cause Cancer On Store WindowsCalifornians already have gotten used to seeing “Prop 65” warnings on every building in the state warning that the pesticides and cleaner they use could cause cancer.  But those are mostly based in fact.  This round of new documentation is closer to mandating that a religion is promoted.  The contents of the pamphlets and posters is not based on science, it is a belief. While it may not be religious in nature, it certainly doesn’t have any information that is “informed” it is simply speculation.

The pamphlets include such helpful How To advice as:

• Turn off your phone when not using.

• Never put the phone to your ear – use a headset, especially a corded device, or other hands-free method such as a speakerphone or text.

• Keep away from the head, eyes, salivary glands and reproductive organs – never in pants pockets.

• Use by pregnant women, children and teenagers should be extremely limited.

• Avoid using when reception is poor

If you can use your cellphone in the manner, you don’t really use cell-phones.  While people are using Cellphone more than they used to, trying to obey these rules for mobile is pretty silly, especially since there aren’t any studies to prove there is risk.