CloudSleuth.Net Cloud Performance Tests Are Not Helpful In Enterprise Deployment Planning released a report about the fastest cloud platforms that is pretty much a waste of time to read. Jon Brodkin’s artictle on Ars Technica is an even bigger waste of time to read because he makes some claims that would provide misinformation to the already skewed interpretation of what Compuware’s data actually means. Jon doesn’t even understand that SaleForce’s Cloud isn’t a competitor to EC2, AppEngine, and Azure. This is what happens when journalists try to do the work of analysts. When you are looking for a cloud, the speed at which static assets are served is very rarely an issue. This is what a CDN is for. While I personally use Google AppEngine in a very CDN like manner that is not what it is designed to do, and in order to get it to be good at this type of serving I wrote my application in a very specific way. Cloud Sleuth didn’t. They just upload the assets and call it good enough. All CloudSleuth is testing is the speed of the hard disk the and the connection between their test server and the cloud provider. When picking a Cloud Platform you are actually more concerned with balancing your developer, IT, and System Resources. These costs are make up the largest portion of your investment in the cloud.