FyreTV Brings Adult Content To Boxee, Roku and PS3

The "Holy Grail" in every IPTV deployment is getting to the point that you have enough mainstream content that you can add porn to the mix and not have your on demand offering look like it is mostly smut.  You see when you license content from Disney/ABC you are bound to certain rules about the make up of your content offering, and one of those terms is that you can’t have more than X% content harder then R rated, and Y% harder than NC-17.  Well Boxee has reached that tipping point and FyreTV is ready to capitalize on it herunterladen.

According to FireTV:

imageWatching the best XXX movie collection on the planet is great on your computer, phone and tablet, but for the true ultimate adult video experience you need to watch FyreTV on your TV amazon prime. Streaming porn directly to your TV has never been easier as you can now get FyreTV on Roku, Boxee, and our award winning Fyre BoXXX (Blu-ray players and the Sony PS3 coming soon) fl studio kostenlos herunterladen!

For $9.95 a month you can get unlimited access to titles from Vivd, or $4.95 per title for on demand.  "Scenes" are $.95 or you can pay per minute starting at $3.95 per 15 minutes download images for free.

FyreTV probably fills a void, but I don’t really know who is going to spend the kind of money that the service costs, and unlike DirecTV that your wife or significant other might not notice because the channels don’t have to be part of the rotation, but if you enable Fyre on your Roku box it is pretty visible kurze videos zumen.