Netflix To Air New Episodes Of ‘Arrested Development’

Fans of ‘Arrested Development’ rejoice, your favorite dysfunctional and disturbed family is coming back in all new episodes to air on Netflix in 2013. That’s right, Netflix.

\’Arrested Development\’ was a cult hit on Fox from 2003-2006 and won an Emmy for best comedy. The show followed the adventures of the ethically bankrupt but always funny Bluth family of Southern California.

\’Arrested Development\’ co-creator and executive producer Mitch Hurwitz announced in October that he planned to bring the show back for an abbreviated season in order to catch the world up on the characters and lead in to an ‘Arrested Development’ movie. It had also been rumored that Showtime was vying for the rights to the series.

But it was Netflix who made the announcement of a new season. Netflix has been trying to break into the original content market and last summer outbid networks for the rights to ‘House of Cards,’ the David Fincher and Kevin Spacey political series.

The new season of ‘Arrested Development’ will be produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television and Imagine Television.

“Netflix’s bold entrance into original programming presents an exciting new opportunity for our two companies,” said Peter Levinsohn, President of New Media & Digital Distribution at Fox Filmed Entertainment, in a statement. “Bringing a classic show back to production on new episodes exclusively for Netflix customers is a game changer, and illustrates the incredible potential the new digital landscape affords great content providers like Twentieth Century Fox Television and Imagine.”

The most interesting element of the announcement wasn’t anything which was said, but something conspicuously missing. At no time did Netflix or anyone else involved with the venture mention whether or not any or all of ‘Arrested Development’s’ cast would be making a return.

While writing cannot be discounted, it’s most often those delivering the lines we remember. What would \’Arrested Development\’ be without Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, David Cross and Will Arnett among others? The show’s fans were known for being dedicated. Will they come back to the series if the original cast doesn’t?

No one is talking about it officially but Bateman, Cross and Arnett at least have seemed interested in reuniting under the ‘Arrested Development’ banner.

As for ‘House of Cards,’ Netflix has made no further announcement regarding the service’s plans.